Forthcoming Papers


  • Three Pulsars Discovered by FAST in the Globular Cluster NGC 6517 with a Pulsar Candidate Sifting Code Based on Dispersion Measure to Signal-to-Noise Ratio Plots

    Zhi-Chen Pan, Xiao-Yun Ma, Lei Qian, Lin Wang, Zhen Yan, Jin-Tao Luo, Scott M. Ransom, Duncan R. Lorimer and Peng Jiang

    Received: 2021-03-03; Accepted: 2021-03-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4892 (RAA-2021-0071)

Research Papers:

  • Self-similar orbit-averaged Fokker-Planck equation for isotropic spherical dense clusters (iii) Application to Galactic globular clusters

    Yuta Ito

    Received: 2020-09-19; Accepted: 2020-10-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4769 (RAA-2020-0348)

  • A new class of viable and exact solutions of EFE’s with Karmarkar conditions: An application to cold star modeling

    Neeraj Pant, Megandhren Govender and Satyanarayana Gedela

    Received: 2020-08-23; Accepted: 2020-11-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4777 (RAA-2020-0313)

  • Pollution tracks of r-process material in [SrBa] vs. [BaFe] space for the early Galaxy

    WanQiang Han, GuoChao Yang, Lu Zhang, WenYuan Cui, Ping Niu, Fang Wen and Bo Zhang

    Received: 2020-06-26; Accepted: 2020-11-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4778 (RAA-2020-0235)

  • Physical and Orbital Properties of the Stellar System HIP 43766

    Hatem Widyan and Hussam AlJboor

    Received: 2020-10-12; Accepted: 2020-11-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4779 (RAA-2020-0370)

  • The circumstellar matter of type II intermediate luminosity optical transients (ILOTs)

    Noam Soker

    Received: 2020-11-01; Accepted: 2020-11-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4780 (RAA-2020-0393)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2010.14490

  • Predicting the Evolution of Photospheric Magnetic Field in Solar Active Regions Using Deep Learning

    Liang Bai, Yi Bi, Bo Yang, Jun-Chao Hong, Zhe Xu, Zhen-Hong Shang, Liu Hui, Haisheng Ji and Kaifan Ji

    Received: 2020-11-04; Accepted: 2020-11-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4781 (RAA-2020-0401)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2012.03584

  • The Stellar System HIP 101227: Is it a Binary, a Triple or a Quadruple System?

    Zahra Yousef, Adlyka Annuar, Abdallah Hussein, Hamid Al-Naimiy, Mashoor Al-Wardat, Nurul Shazana Abdul Hamid and Mohamad Talafha

    Received: 2020-08-28; Accepted: 2020-12-01

    Manuscript No. MS 4782 (RAA-2020-0318)

  • Absolute parameters and observed flares in the M-type detached eclipsing binary 2MASS J04100497+2931023

    Gang Meng, Li-Yun zhang, Qingfeng Pi, Liu Long, Xianming Han and Misra Prabhakar

    Received: 2020-10-30; Accepted: 2020-12-01

    Manuscript No. MS 4783 (RAA-2020-0390)

  • Masses for Free-Floating Planets and Dwarf Planets

    Gould Andrew, Weicheng Zang, Shude Mao and Subo Dong

    Received: 2020-10-20; Accepted: 2020-12-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4784 (RAA-2020-0382)

  • Ground Experiments and Performance Evaluation of the Low-Frequency Radio Spectrometer Onboard the Lander of Chang'e-4 Mission

    Xinying Zhu, Yan Su, Yicai Ji, Hongbo Zhang, Bo Zhao, Xiping Xue, Shun Dai, Junduo Li and Chunlai Li

    Received: 2019-10-29; Accepted: 2020-12-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4785 (RAA-2019-0316)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2012.04347


    Juan Casado

    Received: 2020-09-11; Accepted: 2020-11-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4786 (RAA-2020-0335)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2009.04751

  • Radio Frequency Interference Detection Based on AC-UNet Model

    Ruiqing Yan, Cong Dai, Wei Liu, Jixia Li, Siying Chen, Xianchuan Yu, Shifan Zuo and Xuelei Chen

    Received: 2020-09-30; Accepted: 2020-12-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4787 (RAA-2020-0361)

  • A Novel Hybrid Algorithm for Lucky Imaging

    Jinliang Wang, Binhua Li and Xiliang Zhang

    Received: 2020-09-04; Accepted: 2020-12-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4788 (RAA-2020-0328)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2012.05480

  • LO And: an A-subtype contact binary with a very cool third component

    Hui-Ping Huang, Yunxia Yu, Ting Yu, Ke Hu and Fu-Yuan Xiang

    Received: 2020-09-27; Accepted: 2020-12-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4789 (RAA-2020-0337)

  • Methodology for In-flight Flat-field Calibration of the Lyman-alpha Solar Telescope (LST)

    Li JingWei, Hui (PMO) Li, Ying Li, Li Feng, Yu Huang, Jie Zhao, Lei Lu, Beili Ying and Jianchao Xue

    Received: 2020-10-20; Accepted: 2020-12-14

    Manuscript No. MS 4790 (RAA-2020-0379)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2012.10110

  • The first photometric analysis and period investigation of the K-type W UMa type binary system V0842 Cep

    Yu-Yang Li, Kai Li and Yuan Liu

    Received: 2020-11-12; Accepted: 2020-12-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4791 (RAA-2020-0414)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2012.11133

  • The HI gas and star formation in star-forming galaxies selected from ALFALFA

    Feng-Jie Lei, Hong Wu, Yinan Zhu, Man I Lam and Zhi-Min Zhou

    Received: 2020-11-09; Accepted: 2020-12-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4792 (RAA-2020-0408)

  • Search for Variable Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 1245

    Dongxiang Shen, Yu Zhang, Chunyan Li, Xiangyun Zeng, Guo-Liang lv, Chun-Hua Zhu, Qingshun Hu and Jin-Zhong Liu

    Received: 2020-10-08; Accepted: 2020-12-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4793 (RAA-2020-0367)

  • Accretion Properties of MAXI J1813-095 during its Failed Outburst in 2018

    Arghajit Jana, Gaurava Kumar Jaisawal, Sachindra Naik, Neeraj Kumari, Debjit Chatterjee, Kaushik Chatterjee, Riya Bhowmick, Sandip Chakrabarti, Hsiang-Kuang Chang and Dipak Debnath

    Received: 2020-11-09; Accepted: 2020-12-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4794 (RAA-2020-0407)

  • Magneto-Acoustic Waves in Magnetic Twisted Flux Tubes

    Wei Wu, Robert Sych, Chen Jie and Jiangtao Su

    Received: 2020-11-30; Accepted: 2021-01-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4795 (RAA-2020-0434)

  • Spectral Deconvolution Analysis on Olivine-Orthopyroxene Mixtures with Simulated Space Weathering Modifications

    Hui-Jie Han, Xiao-Ping Lu, Te Jiang, Chih-Hao Hsia, Yazhou Yang, Peng-Fei Zhang and Hao Zhang

    Received: 2020-12-02; Accepted: 2021-01-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4796 (RAA-2020-0440)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2101.04275

  • Partitioning the Galactic Halo with Gaussian Mixture Models

    liang xilong, Yuqin Chen, Jingkun Zhao and Gang Zhao

    Received: 2020-11-06; Accepted: 2021-01-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4797 (RAA-2020-0400)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2101.01360

  • Obtaining space-based SDO/AIA Solar UV and EUV Images from ground-based H$alpha$ observations by deep learning

    Tie Liu, Yingna Su, Liming Xu and Haisheng Ji

    Received: 2020-11-06; Accepted: 2021-01-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4798 (RAA-2020-0405)

  • Heavy element contributions of rotating massive stars to Interstellar Medium

    wu ruiqing, Chun-Hua Zhu, Guo-Liang lv, Zhaojun Wang and lei liu

    Received: 2020-12-09; Accepted: 2021-01-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4799 (RAA-2020-0450)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.01352

  • 30 Glitches in 18 Radio Pulsars

    Hong Yi Liu, Shi Qi Zhou, YuQi Zhang, Zhongwen Feng and Xia Zhou

    Received: 2020-10-22; Accepted: 2020-12-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4800 (RAA-2020-0364)

  • Effects of resistivity on standing shocks in low angular momentum flows around black holes

    Chandra Bahadur Singh, Toru Okuda and Ramiz Aktar

    Received: 2020-09-27; Accepted: 2021-01-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4801 (RAA-2020-0357)

  • Extreme space weather events caused by super active regions during solar cycles 21-24

    Guiming Le, Gui-Ang Liu, MingXian Zhao, Tian Mao and Ping-Guo Xu

    Received: 2020-10-25; Accepted: 2021-01-14

    Manuscript No. MS 4802 (RAA-2020-0386)

  • Design and verification of the HXI collimator onboard the ASO-S mission

    Dengyi Chen, yiming hu, Tao Ma, Yang Su, Jian Feng Yang, Jianping WANG, Guangzhou Xu, Xiankai Jiang, Jianhua Guo, Yongqiang Zhang, Yan Zhang, Wei Chen, jin chang and Zhe Zhang

    Received: 2020-12-14; Accepted: 2021-01-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4803 (RAA-2020-0443)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2012.01629

  • Effect of Alidade Thermal Behavior on the Pointing Accuracy of Large Radio Telescope

    Shan-Xiang Wei, De-Qing Kong and Qiming Wang

    Received: 2020-12-15; Accepted: 2021-01-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4804 (RAA-2020-0458)

  • Physical and geometrical parameters of CVBS XIV: The two nearby systems HIP 19206 and HIP 84425

    Mashhoor Al-Wardat, Enas Abualrub, Abdallah Hussein, Mohammad Mardini, Ali Taani, Hatem Widyan, Zahra Yousef, Hamid Al-Naimiy and Nihad Yusuf

    Received: 2020-12-30; Accepted: 2021-01-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4806 (RAA-2020-0472)

  • Optical monitoring and intra-day variabilities of BL Lac Objects OJ~287

    Yuan Yuhai and Junhui Fan

    Received: 2020-10-11; Accepted: 2021-01-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4807 (RAA-2020-0355)

  • Exploring the characteristics of the flare from PMN J0218-2307 by Fermi-LAT

    Yun-Chuan Xiang, Yuliang Xin and min yuan

    Received: 2020-11-02; Accepted: 2021-01-21

    Manuscript No. MS 4808 (RAA-2020-0392)

  • Effects of solar radiation pressure on asteroid surface hopping transfers for high area/mass ratio rovers

    Chuanjun Dong, Hongwei Yang, Shuang Li and Xuewen Liu

    Received: 2020-08-21; Accepted: 2021-01-23

    Manuscript No. MS 4809 (RAA-2020-0307)

  • Preliminarily study on photogrammetry for the FAST main reflector measurement

    Weimin Li and Liujian Zhou

    Received: 2020-11-27; Accepted: 2021-01-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4810 (RAA-2020-0435)

  • Lunar Cratering Asymmetries with High Orbital Obliquity and Inclination of the Moon

    Huacheng Li, Nan Zhang, Zongyu Yue and Yizhuo Zhang

    Received: 2020-09-28; Accepted: 2021-01-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4811 (RAA-2020-0358)

  • The Research of Actuators Distribution and Panels for Radio Telescope

    jinqing Wang, Li Fu, Yongchen Jiang, Qinghui Liu, Zhiqiang Shen and Zhengxiong Sun

    Received: 2021-01-04; Accepted: 2021-01-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4812 (RAA-2021-0002)

  • Correction of Temperature effect in Calibration of Solar Radio Telescope

    Lihong Geng, Chengming Tan, Yi-Hua Yan, Baolin Tan, Donghao Liu and Jinping Dun

    Received: 2020-10-29; Accepted: 2021-01-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4813 (RAA-2020-0389)

  • Evolvement of microwave spike bursts in a solar flare on 2006 December 13

    Jianfei Tang, Dejin Wu, Jun-lin Wan, Ling Chen and Chengming Tan

    Received: 2020-11-19; Accepted: 2021-01-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4814 (RAA-2020-0422)

  • A triplet of the only pulsation mode detected in the DAV star G132-12

    Wenchao Su, Jianning Fu, Jianxing Chen, Lester Fox-Machado, Shijie Zhao, Carmen Ayala-Loera, Tao Wang and Yang Pan

    Received: 2021-01-21; Accepted: 2021-01-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4815 (RAA-2021-0020)

  • A Study on Universal Observation Control System And Its Application For LAMOST

    Zheng Wang, Yuan Tian, Jian Li, Zi-Huang Cao and Yongheng Zhao

    Received: 2020-12-02; Accepted: 2021-01-26

    Manuscript No. MS 4817 (RAA-2020-0439)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.00686

  • The determination of white dwarfs parameters in the dwarf novae by optical spectrum modeling

    Anastasiya Dudnik, Arina Mitrofanova, Viacheslav Shimansky, Nikolay Borisov and Nail Sakhibullin

    Received: 2021-01-13; Accepted: 2021-01-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4818 (RAA-2021-0012)

  • Analysis and Compensation of Reflector Antenna Pointing Error under Wind Disturbance

    Qian Xu, Jie Zhang, Zhaoyu Wang and Huanzhi Pan

    Received: 2020-08-31; Accepted: 2021-01-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4820 (RAA-2020-0321)

  • An investigation of planetary nebulae accompanying PG1159 central stars, based on Gaia DR2 measurements

    Alaa Ali and Wedad Alharbi

    Received: 2020-11-12; Accepted: 2021-01-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4821 (RAA-2020-0416)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.02014

  • The first detection of the solar U+III association with an antenna prototype for the future lunar observatory

    Lev A. Stanislavsky, Igor N. Bubnov, Alexander A. Konovalenko, Peter L. Tokarsky and Serge N. Yerin

    Received: 2020-12-11; Accepted: 2021-01-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4822 (RAA-2020-0442)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.02533

  • A novel method for telescope polarization modeling based on artificial neural network

    Jian-Guo Peng, Shu Yuan, Kaifan Ji and Zhi Xu

    Received: 2020-12-22; Accepted: 2021-02-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4825 (RAA-2020-0467)

  • Stellar activity cycles as revealed by long-term beat-like patterns from light curves of emph{Kepler}

    Henggeng Han, Kaiming Cui, Jifeng Liu, Huiqin Yang, Xuan Fang and Ruining Zhao

    Received: 2020-12-10; Accepted: 2021-02-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4826 (RAA-2020-0453)

  • DeepSun: Machine-learning-as-a-service for solar flare prediction

    Yasser Abduallah, Jason T. L. Wang, Yang Nie, Chang Liu and Haimin Wang

    Received: 2020-09-18; Accepted: 2021-02-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4827 (RAA-2020-0347)

  • High-α-Metal-Rich Stars in the LAMOST-MRS Survey and Its Connection with the Galactic Bulge

    Haopeng Zhang, Yuqin Chen, Gang Zhao, Jingkun Zhao, liang xilong, Haining Li, Yaqian Wu, Ali Luo and Rui Wang

    Received: 2020-12-21; Accepted: 2021-02-06

    Manuscript No. MS 4828 (RAA-2020-0464)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.05999

  • Azimuth Control for Large Aperture Telescope Based on Segmented Arc Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

    Xiaoli Song, Daxing Wang and Wangping Zhou

    Received: 2020-12-04; Accepted: 2021-02-04

    Manuscript No. MS 4829 (RAA-2020-0445)

  • Stellar Dynamical Modeling - Accuracy of 3D Density Estimation for Edge-on Axisymmetric Galaxies

    Richard Long, Shengdong Lu and Dandan Xu

    Received: 2020-12-31; Accepted: 2021-02-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4830 (RAA-2020-0474)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.04189

  • A relativistic model of stellar objects with core-crust-envelope division

    Ravindra Bisht, Satyanarayana Gedela, Neeraj Pant and Neeraj Tiwari

    Received: 2021-01-07; Accepted: 2021-02-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4831 (RAA-2020-0436)

  • Ice lines as the origin for the gap/ring structure in protoplanetary disks: the issue of the assumed temperature profile

    Yao Liu

    Received: 2020-08-24; Accepted: 2021-02-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4832 (RAA-2020-0314)

  • Distortion mapping correction in AIMS primary mirror testing by computer-generated hologram

    Kewei E, Jianke Zhao, Bo Wang, Dong-Guang Wang, Songbo Xu, Xing Fu, Jing Li, Xun Xue, Ming Chang and Yan Zhou

    Received: 2020-11-10; Accepted: 2021-02-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4833 (RAA-2020-0409)

  • A photometric study of two neglected eclipsing binaries

    Viktor Kudak, Miroslav Fedurco, Vasyl Perig and Stefan Parimucha

    Received: 2020-11-03; Accepted: 2021-02-18

    Manuscript No. MS 4834 (RAA-2020-0398)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2102.09839

  • BGLS-based Method of Estimating the Rotational Periods of Asteroids

    Yanqiong Ren, Xiao-Ping Lu and Yong Liang

    Received: 2020-11-22; Accepted: 2021-02-17

    Manuscript No. MS 4835 (RAA-2020-0425)

  • A new method for resolving phase ambiguity in radio interferometry using Earth rotation synthesis

    Huan Zhou, Dezhen Xu, Jianguo Yan, Shaowu Chen and Haitao Li

    Received: 2021-01-10; Accepted: 2021-02-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4836 (RAA-2021-0003)

  • CALLISTO Facilities in Peru: Spectrometers Commissioning and Observations of Type III Solar Radio Bursts

    Javier Rengifo, Veronica Loaiza-Tacuri, Jose Bazo and Walter Guevara Day

    Received: 2020-12-03; Accepted: 2021-02-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4837 (RAA-2020-0444)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2007.09203

  • The Nereid’s orbit based on new precise observations

    Kai Tang, Huiyan Zhang, Yong Yu, Dan Yan and Yindun Mao

    Received: 2021-01-31; Accepted: 2021-02-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4838 (RAA-2021-0038)

  • A novel stellar spectrum denoising method based on deep Bayesian modeling

    Xin Kang, Shiyuan He and Yanxia Zhang

    Received: 2020-12-09; Accepted: 2021-02-26

    Manuscript No. MS 4839 (RAA-2020-0451)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.02896

  • Power spectral properties of the soft spectral states in four black hole transients

    Dong-Ming Mao and Wen-Fei Yu

    Received: 2021-01-17; Accepted: 2021-02-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4840 (RAA-2021-0017)


    Wang LongQi, Jin Jing, Liu Lu and Shen Yi

    Received: 2020-09-10; Accepted: 2021-02-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4841 (RAA-2020-0333)

  • The Likely Counterpart to γ-Ray Excess from The Northwest Region of Arp 220

    Yun-Chuan Xiang, Jun-Hao Deng and Ze-Jun Jiang

    Received: 2021-01-15; Accepted: 2021-02-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4842 (RAA-2021-0016)

  • Orbits of 152 Globular Clusters of the Milky Way Galaxy Constructed from the Gaia DR2 data

    Anisa Bajkova and Vadim Bobylev

    Received: 2020-12-10; Accepted: 2021-03-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4843 (RAA-2020-0454)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2008.13624

  • The research objectives and observational possibilities for fast moving Near-Earth Asteroids

    Anton Pomazan, Zheng-hong Tang, Nadiia Maigurova, Kai Tang, Yong Yu and Yindun Mao

    Received: 2020-12-15; Accepted: 2021-03-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4844 (RAA-2020-0461)

  • Magneto-acoustic oscillations observed in a solar plage region

    Haisheng Ji, Parida Hashim, Zhenxiang Hong, Zhe Xu, Jinhua Shen, Kaifan Ji and Wenda Cao

    Received: 2020-09-15; Accepted: 2021-01-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4846 (RAA-2020-0338)

  • Expansion series of the pairwise velocity generating function and its implications on redshift space distortion modeling

    Junde Chen, Pengjie Zhang and Yi Zheng

    Received: 2021-01-22; Accepted: 2021-03-10

    Manuscript No. MS 4847 (RAA-2021-0022)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.11934

  • The afterglow emission from a stratified jet in GRB 170817A

    Kangfa Cheng, Xiao-Hong Zhao, Binbin Zhang and Jinming Bai

    Received: 2021-01-06; Accepted: 2021-03-10

    Manuscript No. MS 4848 (RAA-2021-0007)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.08205

  • Long-term multi-wavelength variations of Fermi blazar 3C 279

    Bing-Kai Zhang, Min Jin, Xiaoyun Zhao, Li Zhang and Benzhong Dai

    Received: 2021-01-20; Accepted: 2021-03-10

    Manuscript No. MS 4849 (RAA-2020-0418)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.11149

  • The Deep and Low-Mass-Ratio Contact Binary CSS J022914.4+044340 with A Luminous Additional Companion

    L. Liu and xuzhi Li

    Received: 2021-01-27; Accepted: 2021-03-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4850 (RAA-2021-0034)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.10109

  • A correction method for the telluric absorptions and application to Lijiang Observatory

    Kai-Xing Lu, Zhi-Xiang Zhang, Ying-Ke Huang, Anbin Ren, Liang Xu, Haicheng Feng, Yu-Xin Xin, Xu Ding, Xiao Guang Yu and Jinming Bai

    Received: 2021-01-25; Accepted: 2021-03-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4851 (RAA-2021-0029)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.08136

  • A low-cost and high-performance technique for adaptive optics static wave-front correction

    Deqing Ren, Tianyu Zhang and Gang Wang

    Received: 2020-09-08; Accepted: 2021-03-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4852 (RAA-2020-0332)

  • Symmetry properties and widths of the filamentary structures in the Orion A giant molecular cloud

    Yuqing Zheng, Hong-Chi Wang, Yue-Hui Ma and Chong Li

    Received: 2020-12-07; Accepted: 2021-03-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4853 (RAA-2020-0448)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.10637

  • Ultra-Low Noise L-Band Cryogenic Astronomical Receiver for FAST Telescope

    Hongfei Liu, Chuan He, Jin Wang, Peng Jiang, Shengwang Wang, Yang Wu, Hang Zhang, Jinyou Song, Xiangwei Shi and Minglei Guo

    Received: 2020-10-20; Accepted: 2021-03-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4854 (RAA-2020-0380)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.10677

  • Modelling the High-energy Emission from the Gamma-ray Binary 1FGL J1018.6-5856

    A.M. CHEN, Jumpei Takata and Yun-Wei Yu

    Received: 2020-11-11; Accepted: 2021-03-14

    Manuscript No. MS 4855 (RAA-2020-0413)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1703.08080

  • Predicting the CME arrival time based on the recommendation algorithm

    Yurong Shi, Yanhong Chen, Siqing Liu, Zhu Liu, Jingjing Wang, Yanmei Cui, Bingxian Luo, Tianjiao Yuan, Feng Zheng, Zisiyu Wang, Xinran He and Ming Li

    Received: 2021-01-21; Accepted: 2021-03-17

    Manuscript No. MS 4856 (RAA-2021-0021)

  • Reducing loss of significance in the computation of Earth-based two-way Doppler observables for small body missions

    Weitong Jin, Fei Li, Jianguo Yan, Weifeng Hao, Xuan Yang, Mao Ye, Tom Andert and Jean-Pierre Barriot

    Received: 2020-07-07; Accepted: 2021-03-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4857 (RAA-2020-0251)

  • Long-term V(RI)c CCD photometry of pre-main-sequence stars in the association Cepheus OB3

    Sunay Ibryamov, Gabriela Zidarova, Evgeni Semkov and Stoyanka Peneva

    Received: 2021-01-26; Accepted: 2021-03-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4858 (RAA-2021-0033)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.13207

  • Quantifying the anisotropic density structure of the Central Molecular Zone -- a 2D correlation function approach

    Xiuyu Cai, Guangxing Li and Lei Qian

    Received: 2020-12-24; Accepted: 2021-03-23

    Manuscript No. MS 4859 (RAA-2020-0469)

  • The first photometric analysis of the totally eclipsing contact binary V811 Cep

    Xiang Gao, Kai Li, Xing Gao and Yuan Liu

    Received: 2021-02-02; Accepted: 2021-03-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4860 (RAA-2021-0043)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.12295

  • Predicting the 25th Solar Cycle Using Deep Learning Methods Based On Sunspot Area Data

    Qiang Li, Miao Wan, Shuguang Zeng, Sheng Zheng and Linhua Deng

    Received: 2020-12-22; Accepted: 2021-03-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4861 (RAA-2020-0466)

  • Statistical investigation on the formation of sunspot light bridges

    Fuyu Li, Yuhao Chen, Yongliang Song, Zhenyong Hou and Hui Tian

    Received: 2021-02-02; Accepted: 2021-03-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4862 (RAA-2021-0044)

  • On The Magnetic Fields of Ultraluminous X-ray Pulsars

    Shijie Gao and Xiangdong Li

    Received: 2020-12-29; Accepted: 2021-03-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4863 (RAA-2020-0471)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.16068

  • The intra-day Optical Monitoring of BL Lacerate Object 1ES 1218+304 at Its Highest X-ray Flux Level

    SiSi Sun, Huali Li, Xing Yang, Jing Lü, Dawei Xu and Jing Wang

    Received: 2021-01-11; Accepted: 2021-03-23

    Manuscript No. MS 4864 (RAA-2021-0004)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.00920

  • Detection and mitigation of RFI in SBRS observation data

    Zhenping Qiang, Jun Cheng, Zhenhong Shang, Kaifan Ji, Fei Dai and Liu Hui

    Received: 2020-11-07; Accepted: 2021-02-11

    Manuscript No. MS 4865 (RAA-2020-0406)

  • Radial stellar populations of AGN-host dwarf galaxies in SDSS-IV MaNGA survey

    Wei Cai, Yinghe Zhao and Jinming Bai

    Received: 2021-02-01; Accepted: 2021-03-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4866 (RAA-2021-0039)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.16826

  • Empirical formulae to describe some physical properties of small groups of protogalaxies with multiplicity

    guillermo arreaga

    Received: 2021-01-14; Accepted: 2021-04-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4867 (RAA-2021-0015)

  • Revisiting Pulsar Velocities Using Gaia Data Release 2

    Meng Yang, Shi Dai, Di Li, Chao-Wei Tsai, Weiwei Zhu and Jie Zhang

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    Manuscript No. MS 4868 (RAA-2021-0042)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.01169

  • A database of spectral energy distributions of progenitors of core-collapse supernovae

    Zhongmu Li and Caiyan Mao

    Received: 2020-10-06; Accepted: 2021-02-10

    Manuscript No. MS 4869 (RAA-2020-0365)

  • The spectral evolution in a X-ray changing-look AGN NGC 1365 with variable column density

    Qing-Wen Wu, Hao Liu, Y. Q. Xue, Tinggui Wang, Yang Jun, Hengxiao Guo and Zhicheng He

    Received: 2021-03-09; Accepted: 2021-03-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4870 (RAA-2021-0080)

  • Modeling the fast optical transient SN 2019bkc/ATLAS19dqr with a central engine and implication for its origin

    Jianhe Zheng and YunWei Yu

    Received: 2021-01-24; Accepted: 2021-03-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4871 (RAA-2021-0028)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2103.15576

  • Broad-band spectral study of LMXB black hole candidate 4U1957+11 with NuSTAR

    Prince Sharma, Rahul Sharma, Chetana Jain, Gulab Chand Dewangan and ANJAN DUTTA

    Received: 2021-01-06; Accepted: 2021-04-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4872 (RAA-2021-0006)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.03740

  • Highly Variable $gamma$-Ray Emission of CTD 135 and Implications for its Compact Symmetric Structure

    Ying-Ying Gan, Hai-Ming Zhang, Jin Zhang, Xing Yang, Ting-Feng Yi, Yun-Feng Liang and En-Wei Liang

    Received: 2021-02-18; Accepted: 2021-04-09

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  • LASPM: The LAMOST Stellar Parameter Pipeline for M-type stars and Application to the Sixth and Seventh Data Release (DR6 and DR7)

    Bing Du, Ali Luo, Shuo Zhang, Yanxin Guo, Yinbi Li, Fang Zuo, Youfen Wang, Jianjun Chen and Yongheng Zhao

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  • BVRI Photometric Observations, Light Curve Solutions and Orbital Period Analysis of BF Pav

    Atila Poro, Fahri ALICAVUS, Eduardo Fernandez Lajus, Fatemeh Davoudi, PegahSadat MirshafieKhozani, Mark Blackford , Edwin Budding, Behjat Zarei Jalalabadi, Jabar Rahimi and Farzaneh Ahangarani Farahani

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    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2008.05068

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    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.05525

  • The Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot (GPPS) survey by using the FAST: I. Project designs and the pulsar discoveries

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  • SETI tactics on FAST fractality

    Sheena Chen, Wenfei Liu, Zhi-Song Zhang and Tong-Jie Zhang

    Received: 2021-02-17; Accepted: 2021-04-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4878 (RAA-2021-0053)

  • Radio Frequency Compatibility Analysis for BDSBAS and GPS/WAAS

    cheng LIU, weiguang GAO, jun LU, yi ZHOU and shanshan CHEN

    Received: 2020-11-12; Accepted: 2021-04-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4879 (RAA-2020-0415)

  • Numerical study of a 20W class QCW pulsed sodium guide star laser’s performances at five sites in China

    Hong-Yang Li, Lu Feng, Jun-Wei Zuo, Qi Bian, Bo-Tian Sun, Sui-Jian Xue, Zhi-Xia Shen, Yangpeng Li and Yong Bo

    Received: 2020-11-25; Accepted: 2021-04-12

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    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.05254

  • Evolutions of CH3CN abundance in molecular clumps

    Zhenzhen He and Guangxing Li

    Received: 2020-11-30; Accepted: 2021-04-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4881 (RAA-2020-0437)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.06810

  • Studying Infall in Infrared Dark Clouds with HCO+ Transitions

    Jinjin Xie, Jingwen Wu, Gary Fuller, Nicolas Peretto, Zhiyuan Ren, Longfei Chen, Yaoting Yan, Guodong Li, Yan Duan, Jifeng Xia, Yongxiong Wang and Di Li

    Received: 2021-03-03; Accepted: 2021-04-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4882 (RAA-2021-0072)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.07231

  • Spotless days and aa index as predictors of the amplitude of solar cycle 25

    dipali burud, Rajmal Jain, Arun Awasthi, Sneha Chaudhari, Sushanta Tripathy, N. Gopalswamy, pramod chamadia, subash kaushik and Rajiv Vhatkar

    Received: 2020-11-11; Accepted: 2021-04-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4883 (RAA-2020-0412)

  • Radio Recombination Line Observations at 1.0-1.5 GHz with FAST

    Chuan-Peng Zhang, Jin-Long Xu, Guangxing Li, Ligang Hou, Naiping Yu and Peng Jiang

    Received: 2021-03-17; Accepted: 2021-04-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4884 (RAA-2021-0093)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:2104.05272

  • Charge transfer and excitation processes in low energy collisions of He+ ion with Li atom

    Xiao xia Wang, Yi Zhi Qu, Kun Wang, Yi Geng Peng, Chun Hua Liu, Ling Liu, Yong Wu, Heinz-Peter Liebermann and Robert J. Buenker

    Received: 2021-01-03; Accepted: 2021-04-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4885 (RAA-2020-0470)

  • Statistical properties of fast radio bursts elucidate their origins:magnetars are favoured over gamma-ray bursts

    Xianghan Cui, C.M. Zhang, ShuangQiang Wang, Jianwei Zhang, Di Li, Bo Peng, Weiwei Zhu, Richard strom, Na Wang, qingdong wu, ChanqQing Ye, wang dehua, Yi-Yan Yang and Zhen-Qi Diao

    Received: 2021-02-20; Accepted: 2021-04-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4886 (RAA-2021-0059)

  • The co-evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies

    Tianchi Zhang, Qi Guo, Yan Qu and Liang Gao

    Received: 2021-04-13; Accepted: 2021-04-21

    Manuscript No. MS 4887 (RAA-2021-0116)

  • Estimation of Ages and Masses via Carbon and Nitrogen Abundances for 556,007 Giants from LAMOST

    Xu Zhang, Sven Buder, Ya-Qian Wu and Gang Zhao

    Received: 2021-03-16; Accepted: 2021-04-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4888 (RAA-2021-0091)

  • Gaussianization of peculiar velocities and bulk flow measurement

    Fei Qin

    Received: 2021-02-18; Accepted: 2021-04-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4889 (RAA-2021-0055)

  • The Formation and Evolution of Massive Galaxies

    Ying-Jie Jing, Yu Rong, Jie Wang, Qi Guo and Liang Gao

    Received: 2021-04-11; Accepted: 2021-04-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4890 (RAA-2021-0114)

  • Variations of Broad Emission Lines from periodicity QSOs under the interpretation of supermassive binary black holes with misaligned circumbinary broad line regions

    Xiang Ji, Jun-Qiang Ge, You-Jun Lu and Chang-Shuo Yan

    Received: 2021-04-01; Accepted: 2021-04-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4891 (RAA-2021-0107)

Updated: 2021/04/30