Vol 11, No 11 (2011) / Fan

Rapid variability in S5 0716+714

Jun-Hui Fan, Jun Tao, Bo-Chen Qian, Yi Liu, Jiang-He Yang, Fei-Peng Pi, Wei Xu


S5 0716+714 is one of the targets in our long term blazar monitoring program carried out with the 1.56-m telescope at Sheshan Station of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China. We report a very rapid variability of ΔI = 0.611 ± 0.102 mag over 3.6 min detected in our monitoring program during the period from December 2000 to March 2007. The rapid variability suggests that the mass for the central black hole is log(M/M) = 7.68 − 8.38.


galaxies: active-BL Lacertae objects: general-galaxies: jets

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