Vol 11, No 11 (2011) / Zhai

Lookback time as a test for f (R) gravity in the Palatini approach

Zhong-Xu Zhai, Wen-Biao Liu


We use the recently released data of lookback time (LT)-redshift relation, the cosmic microwave background shift parameter and the baryon acoustic oscillation measurements to constrain cosmological parameters of f(R) gravity in the Palatini formalism by considering the f(R) form of type (a) f(R) = R − β/Rn and (b) f(R) = R + α lnR − β. Under the assumption of a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker universe, we achieved the best fitting results of the free parameters (Ωm0, n) for (a) and (Ωm0, α) for (b). We find that current LT data can provide interesting and effective constraints on gravity models. Compared with other data, the LT constraints favor a smaller value of the non-relativistic matter energy density.


cosmology: cosmic microwave background

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