Vol 11, No 7 (2011) / El-Nabulsi

Dark energy from logarithmically modified gravity and deformed Coleman-Weinberg potential

Ahmad Rami El-Nabulsi


Recent astrophysical measurements strongly suggest the existence of a missing energy component dubbed dark energy that is responsible for the current accelerated expansion of the universe. A new class of modified gravity theory is introduced which yields a universe accelerating in time and dominated by dark energy. The new modified gravity model constructed here concurrently includes a Gauss-Bonnet invariant term, barotropic fluid with a time-dependent equation of state parameter, a Coleman-Weinberg (CW) potential-like expression V () = ξm ln n and a new Einstein-Hilbert term f (R, ) = E()R which depends on both the scalar curvature and the scalar field  through a generic logarithmic function E() = ln . Here m and n take different values from the standard CW potential and ξ is a real parameter. It was shown that the presence of these terms provides many useful features which are discussed in some detail.



dark energy — gravitation — equation of state

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