Vol 21, No 10 (2021) / Cheng

Spectral energy distribution similarity of the local galaxies and the 3.6 µm selected galaxies from the Spitzer Extended Deep Survey

Cheng Cheng, Jia-Sheng Huang, Hai Xu, Gao-Xiang Jin, Chuan He, Tian-Wen Cao, Zi-Jian Li, Shu-Mei Wu, Piao-Ran Liang, Ya-Ru Shi, Xu Shao, Y. Sophia Dai, Cong Kevin Xu, Marat Musin


The Spitzer Extended Deep Survey (SEDS) as a deep and wide mid-infrared (MIR) survey project provides a sample of 500 000+ sources spreading 1.46 square degree and a depth of 26 AB mag (3σ). Combining with the previous available data, we build a PSF-matched multi-wavelength photometry catalog from u band to 8 µm. We fit the SEDS galaxies spectral energy distributions by the local galaxy templates. The results show that the SEDS galaxy can be fitted well, indicating the high redshift galaxy (z ∼ 1) shares the same templates with the local galaxies. This study would facilitate the further study of the galaxy luminosity and high redshift mass function


cosmology: observations — galaxies: high-redshift — galaxies: evolution — galaxies: statistics — infrared: galaxies

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674-4527/21/10/260


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