Vol 18, No 12 (2018) / Zheng

The SAGE photometric survey: technical description

Jie Zheng, Gang Zhao, Wei Wang, Zhou Fan, Ke-Feng Tan, Chun Li, Fang Zuo


To investigate a huge sample of data related to the Stellar Abundance and Galactic Evolution (SAGE) survey in more detail, we are performing a northern sky photometric survey named SAGES with the SAGE photometric system. This system consists of eight filters: Strömgren-u, SAGE-v, SDSS g, r, i, DDO-51, Hαwide and Hαnarrow, including three Sloan broadband filters, three intermediate-band filters, two narrow-band filters and one newly-designed narrow-band filter. SAGES covers ∼12 000 square degrees of the northern sky with δ > −5°, excluding the Galactic disk (|b| < 10°) and the sky area 12 h <RA <18 h. The photometric detection limit depth at signal-to-noise ratio 5σ can be as deep as V ∼20 mag. SAGES will produce a photometric catalog with uniform depth for ∼500 million stars with atmospheric parameters including effective temperature Teff, surface gravity log g and metallicity [Fe/H], as well as interstellar extinction to each individual target. In this work, we will briefly introduce the SAGE photometric system, the SAGE survey and a preliminary test field of the open cluster NGC 6791 and its surroundings.


methods: observational—techniques: photometric— surveys—astrometry—catalogs

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/18/12/147


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