Vol 18, No 11 (2018) / Ibryamov

Long-term BVRI photometric light curves of 15 PMS stars in the star-forming region IC 5070

Sunay Ibryamov, Evgeni Semkov, Teodor Milanov, Stoyanka Peneva


This paper reports results from the multicolor photometric observations of 15 pre-main sequence stars collected in the period September 2010 − October 2017. The stars from our study are located in the star-forming HII region IC 5070. These objects were previously detected as either emission line stars, flare stars, T Tauri variables or Herbig Ae/Be stars. Photometric observations, especially concerning the long-term behavior of the objects, are missing in the literature. We present the first photometric monitoring for all stars from our study. The analysis of the obtained BVRI photometric data allows us to draw the conclusion that all investigated objects are variable stars. In the case of LkHα 146, we identified previously unknown periodicity in its photometric variability.


stars: pre-main sequence — stars: variables: T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be — stars: individual (LkHα 137, 2MASS J20504608+4419100, V1956 Cyg, LkHα 141, V1490 Cyg, V1532 Cyg, V1597 Cyg, LkHα 146, LkHα 147, V1598 Cyg, V1492 Cyg, LkHα 161, LkHα 168, LkHα 172, LkHα 1

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/18/11/137


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