2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Maeda

Supernovae in Three-Dimension: A Link to Gamma-Ray Bursts

K. Maeda


Observational consequences of a jet-driven supernova (SN) explosion
model are presented. The results are compared in detail with optical
observations of SN 1998bw associated with a Gamma-Ray Burst. It is shown
that the jet model is able to reproduce virtually all the optical
observations available for this SN, although a spherical model fails to
explain some of observed features. Because of the viewing angle effect,
the required kinetic energy of the SN ejecta is reduced to ˜ 2
× 10^{52} erg as compared to that obtained by the previous
spherical model (˜ 5 × 10^{52} erg), but this is still much
larger than that of a canonical SN (˜ 10^{51} erg).


supernovae: individual (SN 1998bw) gamma rays: bursts radiative transfer nuclear reactions nucleosynthesis abundances

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