2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Lavagetto

Spectral Analysis of LMC-X2 with XMM/Newton

G. Lavagetto, R. Iaria, A. D'Ai, T. di Salvo, N. R. Robba


We present the results of the analisys of an archival observation of LMC
X-2 performed with XMM/Newton. The spectra of this source has never been
analyzed with a high precision instrument before. The spectrum of the
source can be fitted with a blackbody with a temperature 1.5 keV plus a
disk blackbody at 0.8 keV. We argue that the emission of this source can
be straightforwardly interpreted as a sum of the emission from a
boundary layer between the NS and the disc and a blackbody component
coming from the disc itself. The detection of the O VIII emission line
(and the lack of detection of lines in the iron region) can be due to
the fact that the source lies in the Large Magellanic Cloud.


X-rays: spectral analysis

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