2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Aschenbach

Measurement of Mass and Spin of Black Holes with QPOs

B. Aschenbach


There are now four low mass X-ray binaries with black holes which show
twin resonant-like HFQPOs. Similar QPOs might have been found in Sgr A*.
I review the power spectral density distributions of the three X-ray
flares and the six NIR flares published for Sgr A* so far, in order to
look for more similarities than just the frequencies between the
microquasar black holes and Sgr A*. The three X-ray flares of Sgr A* are
re-analysed in the same way and white noise probabilities from their
power density distributions are given for the periods reported around
˜ 1100 s. Progress of the resonant theory using the anomalous
orbital velocity effect is summarized.


Galaxy: center X-rays: general black hole physics X-rays: individuals Sgr A*

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