2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Wilms

Unity among Black Holes: Observational Similarities between Galactic Black Holes and Active Galactic Nuclei

J. Wilms


A brief overview of recent observational work on the similarities of
Galactic and supermassive black holes is given. It is shown that
Galactic black holes and Active Galactic Nuclei both show
relativistically broadened iron lines, follow the same relationship
between their X-ray and their radio luminosity (L_{radio} ∝
L_{X}^{0.7}), and show similar X-ray variability. These observations
indicate that the accretion flows around black holes scale over many
orders of magnitude in mass and luminosity.


X-rays: binaries galaxies: active accretion accretion physics black hole physics

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