2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Ziółkowski

Masses of Black Holes in the Universe

J. Ziółkowski


The different methods of determination of black holes (BHs) masses are
presented for three classes of BHs observed in the Universe: stellar
mass BHs, intermediate mass BHs (IMBHs) and supermassive BHs (SBHs). The
results of these determinations are briefly reviewed: stellar mass BHs
are found in the range of about 3 to about 20 M_⊙, IMBHs in the
range of a few hundreds to a few tens of thousands M_⊙ (the
determinations are much less precise for these objects) and SBHs in the
range of about 3 × 10^5 M_⊙ to about 6 × 10^{10}


black holes: mass determination stars: black holes intermediate mass black holes supermassive black holes

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