2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Chaty

Obscured Sources and Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients: New Classes of High Mass X-ray Binaries

S. Chaty


A new type of high-energy binary systems has been revealed by the
INTEGRAL satellite. These sources are in the course of being unveiled
by means of multi-wavelength optical, near-and mid-infrared
observations. Among these sources, two distinct classes are appearing:
the first one is constituted of intrinsically obscured high-energy
sources, of which IGR J16318-4848 seems to be the most extreme example.
The second one is populated by the so-called supergiant fast X-ray
transients, with IGR J17544-2619 being the archetype. We report here on
multi-wavelength optical to mid-infrared observations of a sample of 21
INTEGRAL sources. We show that in the case of the obscured sources our
observations suggest the presence of absorbing material (dust and/or
cold gas) enshrouding the whole binary system. We finally discuss the
nature of these two different types of sources, in the context of high
energy binary systems.


X-ray binaries visible near infrared infrared INTEGRAL IGR J16318-4848 IGR J17544-2619

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