2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Wu

Ultra-compact Double Degenerate Binaries: Gravitational Waves, X-rays and Masers

K. Wu, G. Ramsay, A. Willes


We present a model for unipolar induction in ultra-compact double
degenerate binaries consisting of a white-dwarf pair. The power
generated by ohmic dissipation of the electric currents driven by
unipolar induction is calculated. The orbital dynamics of these
ultra-compact systems is investigated, and their gravitational radiation
is determined. We also discuss how electron-cyclotron masers develop
when unipolar induction operates in ultra-compact double degenerate
binaries and related objects, such as the white-dwarf planetary systems.


stars: binaries: close stars: white dwarfs gravitational waves masers radio continuum: stars X-rays: binaries planetary systems

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