2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 / Kim

Chandra Multi-Wavelength Project: Normal Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift

D.-W. Kim, P. J. Green, W. A. Barkhouse, E. R. Colmenero, D. Haggard, M. Kim, E. Schlegel, J. D. Silverman, H. Tananbaum, B. J. Wilkes


We investigate Chandra extragalactic sources, including galaxies with
narrow emission line (NELG) and absorption line galaxies (ALG), but
excluding broad emission line AGNs and quasars. Based on f_{X}/f_{O},
L_{X}, X-ray spectral hardness and optical emission line diagnostics, we
have conservatively classified normal galaxies. With our ChaMP galaxy
sample (extended to include 6 years of Chandra data) and additional
normal galaxies found in other X-ray surveys, we discuss their
L_{X}/L_{B} evolution, log(N)-log(S) relationship, off-nucleus ULXs,
XBONGs, and E+A galaxies.


surveys X-rays: galaxies

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