Vol 17, No 12 (2017) / Wang

Preliminary study on broadband antireflection coatings for large aperture telescopes

Ye-Ru Wang, Xin-Nan Li, Jin-Feng Wang, Jie Tian


A broadband anti-reflective (AR) coating design for astronomical large-aperture telescopes is proposed. We give simulations of two-, three- and four-layer silica sol-gel on fused silica and finally get the optimal optical constants. As a comparison, we discuss the traditional dielectric material that has been applied to broadband AR coatings. To better guide the following experiment, we also conduct error analysis and feasibility analysis, combining with the technological characteristics of sol-gel. The analytical method is suitable for other wavebands and substrates. It is also instructive for large area AR coatings in the field of solar cells.


instrumentation: miscellaneous — methods: numerical — techniques: spectroscopic

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/17/12/124


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