Vol 10, No 5 (2010) / Nath

Propagation of a strong cylindrical shock wave in a rotational axisymetric dusty gas with exponentially varying density

Gorakh Nath


Non-similarity solutions are obtained for one-dimensional isothermal and adiabatic flow behind strong cylindrical shock wave propagation in a rotational axisymmetric dusty gas, which has a variable azimuthal and axial fluid velocity. The dusty gas is assumed to be a mixture of small solid particles and perfect gas. The equilibrium flow conditions are assumed to be maintained, and the density of the mixture is assumed to be varying and obeying an exponential law. The fluid velocities in the ambient medium are assumed to obey exponential laws. The shock wave moves with variable velocity. The effects of variation of the mass concentration of solid particles in the mixture, and the ratio of the density of solid particles to the initial density of the gas on the flow variables in the region behind the shock are investigated at given times. Also, a comparison between the solutions in the cases of isothermal and adiabatic flows is made.


Shock wave; Equation of state; Stars: rotation; Radial velocities; Radiative transfer; Interplanetary medium.

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