ChJAA Vol 6, No 4 (2006) (387-512) / Meng

The Relation between the Critical Accretion Rate of Progenitors of SNe Ia and Metallicity

Xiang-Cun Meng, Xue-Fei Chen, Christopher A. Tout, Zhan-Wen Han


A carbon-oxygen white dwarf may explode in a Type Ia supernova by accreting matter from its companion via either Roche lobe overflow or from winds, but there exists a critical accretion rate of the progenitor system for the explosion. We study the relation between the critical accretion rate and the metallicity via an AGB star approach. The result indicates that the critical accretion rate depends not only on the hydrogen mass fraction and the white dwarf mass, but also on the metallicity. The effect of the metallicity is smaller than that of the white dwarf mass. We show that it is reasonable to use the model with stellar mass 1.6 M for real white dwarfs.

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