ChJAA Vol 6, No 4 (2006) (387-512) / Li

A Periodicity Analysis of the Light Curve of 3C 454.3

Huai-Zhen Li, Guang-Zhong Xie, Shu-Bai Zhou, Hong-Tao Liu, Guang-Wei Cha, Li Ma, Li-Sheng Mao


We analyzed the radio light curves of 3C 454.3 at frequencies 22 and 37 GHz taken from the database of Metsähovi Radio Observatory, and found evidence of quasi-periodic activity. The light curves show great activity with very complicated non-sinusoidal variations. Two possible periods, a very weak one of 1.57±0.12 yr and a very strong one of 6.15±0.50 yr were consistently identified by two methods, the Jurkevich method and power spectrum estimation. The period of 6.15±0.50 yr is consistent with results previously reported by Ciaramella et al. and Webb et al. Applying the binary black hole model to the central structure we found black hole masses of 1.53×109M and 1.86×108M, and predicted that the next radio outburst is to take place in 2006 March and April.

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