ChJAA Vol 6, No 1 (2006) (1-124) / Zhao

Elliptical Galaxies with Emission Lines from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Ying-He Zhao, Qiu-Sheng Gu, Zhi-Xin Peng, Lei Shi, Xin-Lian Luo, Qiu-He Peng


As part of a study of star formation history along the Hubble sequence, we present here the results for 11 elliptical galaxies with strong nebular emission lines. After removing the dilution from the underlying old stellar populations by use of stellar population synthesis model, we derive the accurate fluxes of all the emission lines in these objects, which are then classified, using emission line ratios, into one Seyfert 2, six LINERs and four HII galaxies. We also identify one HII galaxy (A1216+04) as a hitherto unknown Wolf-Rayet galaxy from the presence of the Wolf-Rayet broad bump at 4650 Å. We propose that the star-forming activities in elliptical galaxies are triggered by either galaxy-galaxy interaction or the merging of a small satellite/a massive star cluster, as has been suggested by recent numerical simulations.

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