ChJAA Vol 4, No 5 (2004) / Zhang

The Q Values of the Galilean Satellites and their Tidal Contributions to the Deceleration of Jupiter's Rotation

Hong Zhang, Cheng-Zhi Zhang


The relationship between the k2Q of the Galilean satellites and the k2JQJ of Jupiter is derived from energy and momentum considerations. Calculations suggest that the Galilean satellites can be divided into two classes according to their Q values: Io and Ganymede have values between 10 and 50, while Europa and Callisto have values ranging from 200 to 700. The tidal contributions of the Galilean satellites to Jupiter's rotation are estimated. The main deceleration of Jupiter, which is about 99.04% of the total, comes from Io.


Sun: prominences --- line: profiles --- turbulence

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