ChJAA Vol 4, No 5 (2004) / Liao

Corrections to Solar Thermal Structure when a Turbulent Magnetic Field is Included

Yi Liao, Shao-Lan Bi


Correction of non-ideal effect due to a magnetic fluctuating tensor is derived from the ideal MHD equations. The inclusion of a magnetic turbulent field leads to modifications of the hydrostatic equilibrium equation and thermodynamical variables such as the temperature T, the adiabatic exponent γ, the adiabatic temperature gradient ad and the temperature gradient ∇. In particular, the modifications in the adiabatic and radiative temperature gradients will result in a change in the Schwarzchild criterion, hence in the location of the base of the convective zone. Incorporating the modifications, we construct a modified thermodynamical equilibrium structure of the Sun.


solar convection --- MHD: thermodynamics variables --- Sun: hydrostatic equilibrium equation

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