ChJAA Vol 4, No 5 (2004) / Jin

X-ray Flashes from Off-axis Nonuniform Jets

Zhi-Ping Jin, Da-Ming Wei


It has been widely believed that the outflows in gamma-ray bursts are jetted and some jets may have structures like ε(θ)∝θ-k. We check the possibility that X-ray flashes come from such jets. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses have shown that this model can reproduce most of the observational features of both X-ray flashes and gamma-ray bursts. Using the usual parameters of gamma-ray bursts, we have carried out numerical calculations for both uniform and nonuniform jets, of their fluxes, spectra and peak energies. It seems that nonuniform jets are more appropriate to these observational properties than uniform jets. We have also shown that in our model the observational ratio of gamma-ray bursts to X-ray flashes is about a few units.


X-rays: general --- gamma rays: bursts --- ISM: jets and outflows

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