ChJAA Vol 4, No 4 (2004) / Yao

A Performance Study of the CCD Cameras of the Joint Laboratory of Optical Astronomy

Bao-An Yao, Chun-Sheng Zhang, Qing Lin


A performance study of several CCD cameras of the Chinese Joint Laboratory of Optical Astronomy (CJLOA) is presented. The main results are: 1) We propose a modified classical method to analyse the linearity of CCD cameras. This method is more sensitive and accurate as well as more intuitive, especially in measuring around the 0.1%--0.2% range of nonlinearity. 2) To illustrate the advantage of the method, the linearity performance of the CCD cameras at CJLOA has been measured and analysed. 3) For the CCD systems tested, there is no unique formula to represent the correlation over the entire CCD frame between the deviation from linearity and the pixel value, i.e., different pixel has different correction even though their pixel values are the same. 4) For the BFOSC (BAO Faint Object Spectrograph Camera) Loral CCD camera and the Tek CCD camera at the 1.56-m reflector, blooming (bleeding) happens long before saturation, and we suspect whether it could have resulted from the charge transfer efficiency (CTE) not being high enough.


instrumentation: detectors --- telescopes

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