ChJAA Vol 4, No 4 (2004) / Zhou

Time-dependent Behaviour of the Low Amplitude δ Scuti Star HD 52788

Ai-Ying Zhou


Wavelet transform is applied to reanalyze the low amplitude δ Scuti star HD 52788, which exhibits complex light variations with uncertain frequency solutions. We gain an insight into the strong instability of pulsation present in the star. Based on an estimate of the star's physical parameters, its evolutionary status is determined. An attempt of asteroseismic modelling failed to predict the observed dense frequencies. Because of its varying pulsation spectrum, HD 52788 is a distinctive and very interesting object among δ Sct stars for testing current models of stellar evolution and pulsation.


methods: data analysis --- stars: oscillations --- δ Scuti --- stars: individual (HD 52788)

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