ChJAA Vol 4, No 4 (2004) / Kim

UBVI Surface Photometry of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 300 in the Sculptor Group

Sang Chul Kim, Hwankyung Sung, Hong Soo Park, Eon-Chang Sung


We present UBVI surface photometry over a 20.5' × 20.5' area of the late-type spiral galaxy NGC 300. We have derived isophotal maps, surface brightness profiles, ellipticity profiles, position angle profiles, and color profiles. By merging our I-band measurements with those of Böker et al. based on Hubble Space Telescope observations, we have obtained combined I-band surface brightness profiles for the region 0.02'' < r < 500'' and have decomposed the profiles into three components: a nucleus, a bulge, and an exponential disk.


galaxies: spiral --- galaxies: photometry --- galaxies: individual (NGC 300) --- galaxies: nuclei

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