ChJAA Vol 4, No 1 (2004) / Tadross

A New Analysis in the Field of the Open Cluster Collinder 223

A. L. Tadross


The present study of the open cluster Collinder 223 (Cr 223) depended greatly on the photoelectric data of Clariá and Lapasset. We use the data in conjunction with the AAO/DSS1 image of the cluster in a re-investigation to improve the main parameters of Cr~223, including the stellar density, the position of the cluster's center, the cluster's diameter. Its luminosity function, mass function, and total mass are also estimated. 1 AAO: Anglo-Australian Observatory, DSS: Digitized Sky Surveys; taken from ``SIMBAD" ( http: // )


Galaxy: open clusters and associations --- individual: Cr 223

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