Vol 10, No 5 (2010) / Jain

Relationship between CME dynamics and solar flare plasma

Rajmal Jain, Malini Aggarwal, Pradeep Kulkarni


The relationship between the velocity of CMEs and the plasma temperature of the associated X-ray solar flares is investigated. The velocity of CMEs increases with plasma temperature (R = 0.82) and photon index below the break energy (R = 0.60) of X-ray flares. The heating of the coronal plasma appears to be significant with respect to the kinetics of a CME from the reconnection region where the flare also occurs. We propose that the initiation and velocity of CMEs perhaps depend upon the dominant process of conversion of the magnetic field energy of the active region to heating/accelerating the coronal plasma in the reconnected loops. Results show that a flare and the associated CME are two components of one energy release system, perhaps, magnetic field free energy.


Sun: corona - Sun: coronal mass ejections(CMEs)- Sun: flares

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