Vol 10, No 2 (2010) / Hao

Evolution of optical spectral index and variability properties of S5 0716+714

Jian-Ming Hao, Bai-Juan Wang, Ze-Jun Jiang, Ben-Zhong Dai


We analyze the spectral variability and spectral evolution in the optical energy region by using multiband (BVRI) optical observations of S5 0716+714 spanning 1994 to 2005. The spectrum hardens when the source becomes brighter, which is consistent with general BL Lac objects. The spectral evolution parameter implies that the spectral variability is small in optical bands over 10 years. A simple model representing the variability of a synchrotron component can explain the spectral changes. In addition, we employ the z-transformed discrete correlation function (ZDCF) to analyze the optical multiband flux correlation. The long-term light curve behavior reveals that the variability time scales are 3.5 yr in the B-band, 3.3 yr in the V-band, 3.4 yr in the R-band and 3.5 yr in the I-band. The time lags between any two optical bands were not found when considering statistical errors.


BL Lacertae objects: general—galaxies: active—BL Lacertae objects: individual (S5 0716+714)

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