Vol 10, No 2 (2010) / Li

A binary study of color-magnitude diagrams of 12 globular clusters

Zhongmu Li, Cai-Yan Mao, Ru-Heng Li, Ru-Xi Li, Mao-Cai Li


Binary stars are common in star clusters and galaxies, but the detailed effects of binary evolution are not taken into account in some color-magnitude diagram (CMD) studies. This paper studies the CMDs of twelve globular clusters via binarystar stellar populations. The observational CMDs of the star clusters are compared to those of binary-star populations, and then the stellar metallicities, ages, distances and reddenings of these star clusters are obtained. The paper also tests the different effects of binary and single stars on CMD studies. It is shown that binaries can better fit the observational CMDs of the sample globular clusters compared to single stars. This suggests that the effects of binary evolution should be considered when modeling the CMDs and stellar populations of star clusters and galaxies.


(Galaxy:) globular clusters: general— galaxies: star clusters

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