ChJAA Vol 2, No 3 (2002) / Yu

An Electron Density Model above the Sunspot from a Mapping of NOAA 7260 at 17 GHz

Xing-Feng Yu, Jin-Xing Yao


The brightness temperature distribution of microwave emission in a solar active region generally shows a ring structure, with a dip at the centre. However, no dip was found in the Nobeyama Radioheliograph left handed circular polarization (LCP) image on 1992 August 18; instead, there was a peak. This is a completely LCP source with zero right-handed circular polarization (RCP). We examine this structure in terms of the joint effect of gyroresonance and bremsstrahlung mechanism with a raised electron density above the central part of the sunspot, and the commonly assumed temperature and vertical dipole magnetic field models. The raised electron density is found to be 1.4×1011 cm-3 at the chromosphere base.

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