ChJAA Vol 2, No 3 (2002) / Liu

Line Broadening in a Limb Flare: Derivation of Macro-turbulent Velocity Fields

Ying Liu, Ming-De Ding


The line profiles of Hα in a limb flare on 1998 November 11 appear to be unusually broadened. It is considered that macro-turbulence (or macroscopic mass motions) may be one of the main causes. We use an inversion technique to extract the probability distribution of the line-of-sight velocity in the flare. There exist some differences between the velocity distributions deduced from Hα and from Ca II  λ8542, which may be because the two lines depend differently on the temperature and velocity. Since the loop density is high, we obtain a rather short cooling time (several tens of seconds) from the hot X-ray loops to the cool loops visible in Hα. Possible origins of the large scale motions are discussed.

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