ChJAA Vol 2, No 3 (2002) / Wu

Determination of the Proper Motions and Membership of the Globular Cluster M3 and of its Orbit in the Galaxy

Zhen-Yu Wu, Jia-Ji Wang, Li Chen


We examine 14 plates of the globular cluster M3 (NGC 5272) taken with the 40 cm refractor at the Sheshan station of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory. The plates span over a period of about 77 years. The positions and absolute proper motions of eight stars in the Hipparcos Catalogue and of 49 stars in the Tycho-2 Catalogue are used as the reference frame. The astrometric reduction is made with the central overlapping principle. The absolute proper motions of 534 stars in a region of about 100'×100' around the cluster are measured. With the new proper motion data the membership probabilities of the stars are determined. The average absolute proper motion obtained for the cluster is -0.06±0.30 mas yr-1 in R.A. and -2.6±0.30 mas  yr-1 in Decl. By combining this result with the known distance and radial velocity of the cluster, we also obtained the Galactic orbit of M3 for a chosen three-component Galactic potential.

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