ChJAA Vol 2, No 1 (2002) / Dai

Properties of BL Lac Objects with Redshift ≤ 0.2

Ben-Zhong Dai, Guang-Zhong Xie, Ze-Jun Jiang


We present a large sample which includes 82 BL Lac objects with redshifts below 0.2 from recent literature. We find strong correlations in both flux and luminosity between the radio (5 GHz) and optical bands (5500 Å). The correlations in other bands are very weak. Five TeV BL Lacs and two suspect sources are found to have similar properties as high-frequency-peaked BL Lacs (HBLs). Our results suggest that both the radio and optical emissions are from the same radiation mechanism in the SSC model. The TeV BL Lac candidates should be HBLs or HBL-like objects with small redshifts.


galaxies: active --- BL Lacertae objects: general --- gamma-ray: observations --- radiation mechanisms: non-thermal

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