ChJAA Vol 2, No 1 (2002) / Wang

Stochastic Particle Acceleration in Blazar Jets

Jian-Cheng Wang


The bulk kinetic energy of jets can be dissipated via generating turbulent plasma waves. We examine stochastic particle acceleration in blazar jets to explain the emissions of all blazars. We show that acceleration of electrons by plasma turbulence waves with a spectrum W(k) ∼ k-4/3 produces a nonthermal population of relativistic electrons whose peak frequency of synchrotron emission can fit the observational trends in the spectral energy distribution of all blazars. The plasma nonlinear processes responsible for the formation of turbulent spectrum are investigated. Increases in the interaction time of turbulent waves can produce a flatter spectrum leading to efficient particle acceleration.


stars: acceleration of particles --- blazars: theory --- plasma: turbulence --- radiation mechanism: nonthermal

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