ChJAA Vol 1, No 5 (2001) / Ledenev

Anisotropic Beam Model for the Spectral Observations of Radio Burst Fine Structures on 1998 April 15

V. G. Ledenev, Yi-Hua Yan, Qi-Jun Fu


A fine structure consisting of three almost equidistant frequency bands was observed in the high frequency part of a solar burst on 1998 April 15 by the spectrometer of Beijing Astronomical Observatory in the range 2.6–3.8 GHz. A model for this event based on beam-anisotropic instability in the solar corona is presented. Longitudinal plasma waves are excited at cyclotron resonance and then transformed into radio emission at their second harmonic. The model is in accordance with the observations if we suppose a magnetic field strength in the region of emission generation of about 200 G.


Sun: radio radiation --- Sun: activity --- Sun: corona

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