ChJAA Vol 1, No 5 (2001) / Wang

Scintillation Dynamic Spectra and Transverse Velocities of Seven Pulsars

Na Wang, Xin-Ji Wu, R. N. Manchester, Jin Zhang, Aili Yusup, Hong-Bo Zhang


Using a pulsar timing system developed at Urumqi Astronomical Observatory's 25-m telescope, we observed scintillation dynamic spectra for seven pulsars at the relatively high frequency of 1540 MHz over a wide frequency band of 320 MHz. Averaging observations at different epochs, we obtain time scales and decorrelation bandwidths for diffractive scintillation and show that these imply a power-law index for the electron density fluctuation close to 4.0. Assuming this value and that the scattering disk is approximately midway between the pulsar and the earth, we compute transverse velocities for the seven pulsars. These values are generally in good agreement with the proper motion velocities.


pulsars: general -- ISM: general

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