Vol 16, No 1 (2016) / Chen

The beaming effect and γ-ray emission for Fermi blazars

Yong-Yun Chen, Xiong Zhang, Ding-Rong Xiong, Si-Ju Wang, Xiao-Ling Yu


We study the γ-ray luminosity and beaming effect for Fermi blazars. Our results are as follows. (i) There are significant correlations between γ-ray luminosity and radio core luminosity, and between γ-ray luminosity and Rv, which suggests that the γ-ray emissions have a strong beaming effect. (ii) Using the Lext/Mabs as an indicator of environment effects, we find that there is no significant correlation between γ-ray luminosity and Lext/Mabs for all sources when we remove the effect of redshift. Flat spectrum radio quasars considered alone also do not show a significant correlation, but BL Lacertae objects (BL Lacs) still show a significant correlation when we remove the effect of redshift. These results suggest that the γ-ray emission may be affected by the environment on a kiloparsec scale for BL Lacs.


BL Lacerate objects: general — quasars: general — gamma-rays: galaxies — radio continuum: galaxies

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/16/1/013


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