Vol 10, No 2 (2010) / Xu

Submillimeter/millimeter observations of the high-mass star forming region IRAS 22506+5944

Jin-Long Xu, Jun-Jie Wang


The mapping observations of CO J = 2-1, COJ = 3-2, 13CO J = 2-1 and 13CO J = 3-2 lines in the direction of IRAS 22506+5944 have been made. The results show that the cores in the J = 2-1 transition lines have a similar morphology to those in the J = 3-2 transition lines. Bipolar molecular outflows are verified. The prior IRAS 22506+5944 observations indicated that two IRAS sources and three H2O masers were located close to the peak position of the core. One of the IRAS sources may be the driving source of the outflows. In addition, the H2O masers may occur in relatively warm environments. The parameters of the dense core and outflow, obtained by the LTE method, indicate that IRAS 22506+5944 is a high-mass star formation region.



ISM: jets and outflows — ISM: kinematics and dynamics — ISM: molecules—stars: formation

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