Vol 16, No 1 (2016) / Yang

Coupling of small- and large-scale filament eruptions

Jia-Yan Yang, Yunchun Jiang, Bo Yang, Jun-Chao Hong, Zhe Xu


We present observations of the eruption of a large-scale quiescent filament (LF) that is associated with the formation and eruption of a miniature filament (MF). As a result of convergence and subsequent cancelation of opposite-polarity magnetic flux, MF was formed just below the spine of the LF’s right segment. Probably triggered by a nearby newly emerging flux, MF underwent a failed eruption immediately after its full development, which first ejected away from the spine of LF and then drained back to the Sun. This eruption no sooner started than the overlying LF’s right segment began to rise slowly and the LF’s other parts were also disturbed, and eventually the whole LF erupted bodily and quickly. These observations suggest that the MF can serve as an intermediary that links the photospheric small-scale magnetic-field activities to the eruption of the overlying large filament. It appears that, rather than directly interacting with the supporting magnetic field of LF, small-scale flux cancelation and emergence in the LF’s channel can manifest themselves as the formation and eruption of MF and so indirectly affect the stability of LF.


Sun: activity — Sun: filaments — Sun: magnetic fields

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674–4527/16/1/003


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