Vol 14, No 10 (2014) / Liu

Application of two special orbits in the orbit determination of lunar satellites

Peng Liu, Xi-Yun Hou, Jing-Shi Tang, Lin Liu


Using inter-satellite range data, the combined autonomous orbit determination problem of a lunar satellite and a probe on some special orbits is studied in this paper. The problem is firstly studied in the circular restricted three-body problem, and then generalized to the real force model of the Earth-Moon system. Two kinds of special orbits are discussed: collinear libration point orbits and distant retrograde orbits. Studies show that the orbit determination accuracy in both cases can reach that of the observations. Some important properties of the system are carefully studied. These findings should be useful in the future engineering implementation of this conceptual study.


celestial mechanics — space vehicles — Moon — methods: numerical

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/1674-4527/14/10/010


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