Vol 13, No 12 (2013) / Ouyed

SN 2009ip and SN 2010mc as dual-shock Quark-Novae

Rachid Ouyed, Nico Koning, Denis Leahy


In recent years a number of double-humped supernovae have been discovered. This is a feature predicted by the dual-shock Quark-Nova model where a SN explosion is followed (a few days to a few weeks later) by a Quark-Nova explosion. SN 2009ip and SN 2010mc are the best observed examples of double-humped SNe. Here, we show that the dual-shock Quark-Nova model naturally explains their lightcurves including the late time emission, which we attribute to the interaction between the mixed SN and QN ejecta and the surroundingCSM. Ourmodel applies to any star (O-stars, LBVs,WRs etc.) provided that the SN explosion mass is ~20M_sun which point to the conditions for forming a Quark-Nova.


circumstellar matter — stars: evolution — stars: winds, outflows — supernovae: general — supernovae: individual (SN 2009ip, SN 2010mc)

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