Vol 13, No 10 (2013) / Ouyed

The peculiar case of the “double-humped” super-luminous supernova SN 2006oz

Rachid Ouyed, Denis Leahy


SN 2006oz is a super-luminous supernova with a mysterious bright precursor that has resisted explanation in standard models. However, such a precursor has been predicted in the dual-shock quark nova model of super-luminous supernovae – the precursor is the supernova event while the main light curve of the super-luminous supernova is powered by the Quark-Nova (explosive transition of the neutron star to a quark star). As the supernova is fading, the Quark-Nova re-energizes the supernova ejecta, producing a “double-humped” light curve. We show that the quark nova model successfully reproduces the observed light curve of SN 2006oz.


supernovae: general — supernovae: individual (SN 2006oz)

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