Vol 13, No 7 (2013) / Tong

Non-detection of pulsed radio emission from magnetar Swift J1834.9−0846: constraint on the fundamental plane of magnetar radio emission

Hao Tong, Jian-Ping Yuan, Zhi-Yong Liu


The magnetar Swift J1834.9−0846 is observed using the Nanshan 25 m radio telescope. No pulsed radio emission is detected. The upper limit on the pulsed radio emission from this source is 0.5 mJy. According to the “fundamental plane” for radio magnetars, this source should have radio emission. Therefore, our results put constraints on the existence of a fundamental plane of magnetar radio emission. We argue that a magnetar’s ability to emit radio emission may have little to do with the spin down luminosity and is related to the magnetar’s X-ray luminosity. The only necessary condition is a relatively low X-ray luminosity.


pulsars: individual (Swift J1834.9−0846) — stars: magnetars — stars: neutron

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