Vol 13, No 12 (2013) / Vishwakarma

Mysteries of the geometrization of gravitation

Ram Gopal Vishwakarma


As we now know, there are at least two major difficulties with general relativity (GR). The first one is related to its incompatibility with quantum mechanics, in the absence of a consistent, widely accepted theory that combines the two theories. The second problem is related to the requirement of the dark sectors−inflaton, dark matter and dark energy by the energy-stress tensor, which are needed to explain a variety of astronomical and cosmological observations. Research has indicated that the dark sectors themselves do not have any non-gravitational or laboratory evidence. Moreover, the dark energy poses, in addition, a serious confrontation between fundamental physics and cosmology. Guided by theoretical and observational evidences, we are led to an idea that the source of gravitation and its manifestation in GR should be modified. The result is in striking agreement with not only the theory, but also the observations, without requiring the dark sectors of the standard approach. Additionally, it provides natural explanations to some unexplained puzzles.


general relativity and gravitation — fundamental problems and general formalism — cosmology: observations

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