Vol 13, No 1 (2013) / Mosallanezhad

Structure of ADAFs in a general large-scale B-field: the role of wind and thermal conduction

Amin Mosallanezhad, Mehdi Khajavi, Shahram Abbassi


We have explored the structure of a hot flow bathed in a general large-scale magnetic field. The importance of outflow and thermal conduction on the self-similar structure of a hot accretion flow has been investigated. We consider the additional magnetic parameters βr,φ,z [= c2r,φ,z/(2c2s) ], where c2r,φ,z are the Alfvén sound speeds in three directions of cylindrical coordinates. In comparison to the accretion disk without winds, our results show that the radial and rotational velocities of the disk become faster, but the disk becomes cooler because of the angular momentum and energy flux which are taken away by the winds. Moreover, thermal conduction opposes the effect of winds and not only decreases the rotational velocity but also increases the radial velocity as well as the sound speed of the disk. In addition, we study the effect of the global magnetic field on the structure of the disk. Our numerical results show that all the components of a magnetic field can be important and they have a considerable effect on velocities and vertical structure of the disk.


accretion: accretion flow — wind: outflow — thermal conduction

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