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Vol 12, No 10 (2012) Evolution of low-mass X-ray binaries: dependence on the mass of the compact object Abstract   PDF
Qian Xu, Tao Li, Xiang-Dong Li
ChJAA Vol 4, No 2 (2004) Evolution of M81 with Exponentially Decreasing Star Formation Rate of PEGASE Abstract   PDF
Jiu-Li Li, Xu Zhou, Jun Ma, Jian-Sheng Chen
Vol 10, No 2 (2010) Evolution of optical spectral index and variability properties of S5 0716+714 Abstract   PDF
Jian-Ming Hao, Bai-Juan Wang, Ze-Jun Jiang, Ben-Zhong Dai
ChJAA Vol 6, No 3 (2006) (265-386) Evolution of the Level of Sunspot Activity in Solar Cycles I. Evolution in the Descending Phase Abstract   PDF
Jia-Long Wang
2005 Supplement: The Fifth Microquasar Workshop 2004 (1-364) Evolutionary Constraints on the Masses of the Components of HDE 226868/Cyg X-1 Binary System Abstract   PDF
Janusz Ziółkowski
2006 Supplement 2: 2005 LAKE HANAS INTERNATIONAL PULSAR SYMPOSIUM Evolutionary Sequences of Rotating Protoneutron Stars with Hyperons Abstract   PDF
Ye-Fei Yuan, Jeremy S. Heyl
Vol 15, No 8 (2015): The LAMOST Galactic surveys and early results Evolutionary stages and disk properties of young stellar objects in the Perseus cloud Abstract   PDF
Hong-Xin Zhang, Yu Gao, Min Fang, Hai-Bo Yuan, Ying-He Zhao, Rui-Xiang Chang, Xue-Jian Jiang, Xiao-Wei Liu, A-Li Luo, Hong-Jun Ma, Zheng-Yi Shao, Xiao-Long Wang
Vol 16, No 11 (2016): 164-178 Example-based super-resolution for single-image analysis from the Chang’e-1 Mission Abstract
Fan-Lu Wu, Xiang-Jun Wang
Vol 7, No 6 (2007): (743-844) Excitation of Annual Polar Motion by the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans Abstract   PDF
Jin Ma, Yong-Hong Zhou, De-Chun Liao, Jian-Li Chen
ChJAA Vol 2, No 2 (2002) Expectation for the X-ray Galactic Halo Abstract   PDF
Zhi-Ying Huo
ChJAA Vol 2, No 2 (2002) Expected Number Counts of Radio Galaxy Clusters Abstract   PDF
Wei Zhou
Vol 15, No 6 (2015) Experiment on diffuse reflection laser ranging to space debris and data analysis Abstract   PDF
Hao Sun, Hai-Feng Zhang, Zhong-Ping Zhang, Bin Wu
2005 Supplement: The Fifth Microquasar Workshop 2004 (1-364) Exploring the INTEGRAL Sources in Search for New Microquasars Abstract   PDF
M Ribó, J A Combi, I F Mirabel
Vol 14, No 6 (2014) Exploring the sources of p-mode frequency shifts in the CoRoT target HD 49933 Abstract   PDF
Zhi-E Liu, Shao-Lan Bi, Wu-Ming Yang, Tan-Da Li, Kang Liu, Zhi-Jia Tian, Zhi-Shuai Ge, Jie Yu
Vol 15, No 5 (2015) Extending the correlation of LRLX to gamma-ray bursts Abstract
Jing Lü, Jing-Wen Xing, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Wei-Hua Lei, Qing-Wen Wu, Ding-Xiong Wang
Vol 9, No 5 (2009) Extending the Eigenvector 1 Space to the Optical Variability of Quasars Abstract   PDF
Yu-Feng Mao, Jing Wang, Jian-Yan Wei
Vol 17, No 1 (2017): 1-10 Extension of the rotating dipole model with oblateness of both primaries Abstract
Xiang-Yuan Zeng, Xiang-Dong Liu, Jun-Feng Li
Vol 11, No 8 (2011) External photon fields in Fermi bright blazars Abstract   PDF
Xiao-Yan Gao, Jian-Cheng Wang, Ming Zhou
ChJAA Vol 3, No 6 (2003) Extinction of Beamed Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows in a Dense Circumstellar Cloud Abstract   PDF
Shun-Lin Liang, Zi-Gao Dai, Yong-Feng Huang, Tan Lu
Vol 15, No 10 (2015) Extragalactic dispersion measures of fast radio bursts Abstract   PDF
Jun Xu, Jin-Lin Han
Vol 8, No 5 (2008): (489-610) Extragalactic H2O Megamaser Sources: Central Black Holes, Nuclear X-ray and Maser Emissions Abstract   PDF
Jiang-Bo Su, Jiang-Shui Zhang, Jun-Hui Fan
Vol 13, No 3 (2013) Extremely metal-poor star candidates in the SDSS Abstract   PDF
Si-Yao Xu, Hua-Wei Zhang, Xiao-Wei Liu
Vol 16, No 1 (2016) Fabry-Pérot based narrow band imager for solar filament observations Abstract   PDF
Sajal Kumar Dhara, Belur Ravindra, Ravinder Kumar Banyal
2005 Supplement: The Fifth Microquasar Workshop 2004 (1-364) Faint Radio Active Galactic Nuclei Abstract   PDF
L Gregorini
ChJAA Vol 5, No 5 (2005) Fallback Disk-Involved Spin-Down of Young Radio Pulsars Abstract   PDF
Zi-Bo Jiang, Xiang-Dong Li
Vol 13, No 2 (2013) Far-Infrared and submillimeter properties of SDSS galaxies in the Herschel ATLAS science demonstration phase field Abstract   PDF
Man I Lam, Hong Wu, Yi-Nan Zhu, Zhi-Min Zhou
Vol 14, No 9 (2014) Fast compression and reconstruction of astronomical images based on compressed sensing Abstract   PDF
Wang-Ping Zhou, Yang Li, Qing-Shan Liu, Guo-Dong Wang, Yuan Liu
Vol 10, No 9 (2010) Fe Kα line profile in AGNs: average shape and redshift dependence Abstract   PDF
Wei-Ming Mao, Chen Hu, Jian-Ming Wang, Gang Zhao, Shu Zhang
Vol 15, No 9 (2015) Feasible region and stability analysis for hovering around elongated asteroids with low thrust Abstract   PDF
Hong-Wei Yang, Xiang-Yuan Zeng, Hexi Baoyin
Vol 8, No 5 (2008): (489-610) Feedback of Active Galactic Nuclei in Seyfert 2 Galaxies Abstract   PDF
En-Peng Zhang, Wei-Hao Bian, Chen Hu, Wei-Ming Mao, A-Li Luo, Yong-Heng Zhao
Vol 16, No 7 (2016): 101-117 FGK 22 μm excess stars in LAMOST DR2 stellar catalog Abstract
Chao-Jian Wu, Hong Wu, Kang Liu, Tan-Da Li, Ming Yang, Man-I Lam, Fan Yang, Yue Wu, Yong Zhang, Yong-Hui Hou, Guang-Wei Li
ChJAA Vol 3, No 3 (2003) Fibonacci Sequences and the Multiperiodicity of the Variable Star UW Herculis Abstract   PDF
Juan Garcia Escudero
Vol 15, No 10 (2015) Fine-scale structures and material flows of quiescent filaments observed by the New Vacuum Solar Telescope Abstract   PDF
Xiao-Li Yan, Zhi-Ke Xue, Yong-Yuan Xiang, Li-Heng Yang
2006 Supplement 1: WORKSHOP ON MULTIFREQUENCY BEHAVIOUR OF HIGH ENERGY COSMIC SOURCES: Frascati, 2005 Fireball and Cannonball Models of Gamma-Ray Bursts Confront Observations Abstract   PDF
Arnon Dar
Vol 16, No 2 (2016) First generation solar adaptive optics system for 1-m New Vacuum Solar Telescope at Fuxian Solar Observatory Abstract
Chang-Hui Rao, Lei Zhu, Xue-Jun Rao, Lan-Qiang Zhang, Hua Bao, Xue-An Ma, Nai-Ting Gu, Chun-Lin Guan, Dong-Sheng Chen, Cheng Wang, Jun Lin, Zenyu Jin, Zhong Liu
Vol 16, No 12 (2016): 179-190 First light for the sodium laser guide star adaptive optics system on the Lijiang 1.8 m telescope Abstract
Kai Wei, Min Li, Shan-Qiu Chen, Yong Bo, Feng Chen, Jun-Wei Zuo, Qi Bian, Ji Yao, Lu-Chun Zhou, Lin Wei, Dong-Hong Chen, Yang Gao, Kai Jin, Xiao-Lin Dai, Han-Chu Fu, Chang Xu, Zhi-Chao Wang, Xiang-Hui Xue, Xue-Wu Chen, Xian-Mei Qian, Yu Zhou, Hao Xian, Qin-Jun Peng, Chang-Hui Rao, Zu-Yan Xu, Yu-Dong Zhang
Vol 8, No 4 (2008): (369-488) First Mapping Observations of Two Possible Cloud Collision Candidates IRAS 02459+6029 and 05363+3127 Abstract   PDF
Bei Xin, Jun-Jie Wang
ChJAA Vol 5, No 2 (2005) First MERLIN Observations of Line Emission from the OH Megamaser toward IRAS10173+0828 Abstract   PDF
Zhi-Yao Yu
Vol 11, No 2 (2011) First photometric study of the eclipsing binary PS Persei Abstract   PDF
Jin-Zhao Yuan
Vol 12, No 2 (2012) First PPMXL photometric analysis of open cluster Ruprecht 15 Abstract   PDF
Ashraf Latif Tadross
Vol 11, No 6 (2011) First-order phase transitions in rotating hybrid stars and pulsar glitches Abstract   PDF
Fei Xiao, Chun-Mei Pi, Shu-hua Yang, Ai-Zhi Zhou, Xiao-Ping Zheng
Vol 9, No 2 (2009) Fitting formulae for the effects of binary interactions on lick indices and colors of stellar populations Abstract   PDF
Zhong-Mu Li, Zhan-Wen Han
Vol 15, No 6 (2015) Fixing the reference frame for PPMXL proper motions using extragalactic sources Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Grabowski, Jeffrey L. Carlin, Heidi Jo Newberg, Timothy C. Beers, Li Chen, Li-Cai Deng, Carl J. Grillmair, Puragra Guhathakurta, Jin-Liang Hou, Yong-Hui Hou, Sébastien Lépine, Chao Liu, Xiao-Wei Liu, A-Li Luo, Martin C. Smith, Brian Yanny, Hao-Tong Zhang, Yong Zhang, Zheng Zheng
Vol 16, No 2 (2016) Flare evolution and polarization changes in fine structures of solar radio emission in the 2013 April 11 event Abstract
Gennady P. Chernov, Robert Sych, Bao-Lin Tan, Yi-Hua Yan, Cheng-Ming Tan, Qi-Jun Fu, Marian Karlický, Valery Fomichev
Vol 9, No 7 (2009) Flare-induced signals in polarization measurements during the X2.6 flare on 2005 January 15 Abstract   PDF
Meng Zhao, Jing-Xiu Wang, Sarah Matthews, Ming-De Ding, Hui Zhao, Chun-Lan Jin
Vol 13, No 2 (2013) Flares and magnetic non-potentiality of NOAA AR 11158 Abstract   PDF
Qiao Song, Jun Zhang, Shu-Hong Yang, Yang Liu
Vol 15, No 12 (2015) FLRW non-singular cosmological model in general relativity Abstract   PDF
Shibesh Kumar Jas Pacif, Bivudutta Mishra
ChJAA Vol 1, No 4 (2001) Flux Calibration of the BATC Survey and Its Application for Checking the Consistency of the Oke-Gunn Standards Abstract   PDF
Xu Zhou, Zhao-Ji Jiang, Sui-Jian Xue, Hong Wu, Jun Ma, Jian-Sheng Chen
Vol 15, No 9 (2015) Flux emergence in the solar active region NOAA 11158: the evolution of net current Abstract   PDF
Panditi Vemareddy, Parameswaran Venkatakrishnan, Solipuram Karthikreddy
2006 Supplement 2: 2005 LAKE HANAS INTERNATIONAL PULSAR SYMPOSIUM Flux-depending X-ray Spectrum Index of Blazars Abstract   PDF
J.-H. Yang, Y. X. Wang, R. S. Yang
Vol 9, No 6 (2009) Forecast daily indices of solar activity, F10.7, using support vector regression method Abstract   PDF
Cong Huang, Dan-Dan Liu, Jing-Song Wang
Vol 10, No 9 (2010) Forecast of the key parameters of the 24-th solar cycle Abstract   PDF
Oleg Vasilievich Chumak, Tatiana Viktorovna Matveychuk
Vol 9, No 6 (2009) Foreground removal of 21 cm fluctuation with multifrequency fitting Abstract   PDF
Li-Ping He
Franco Giovannelli, Lola Sabau-Graziati(Editors)
Vol 12, No 11 (2012) Formation flying in elliptic orbits with the J2 perturbation Abstract   PDF
Xi-Yun Hou, Yu-Hui Zhao, Lin Liu
Vol 14, No 3 (2014) Formation of cyanoallene (buta-2, 3-dienenitrile) in the interstellar medium: a quantum chemical and spectroscopic study Abstract   PDF
Amresh Singh, Shivani Shivani, Alka Misra, Poonam Tandon
Vol 17, No 1 (2017): 1-10 Formation of E-cyanomethamine in a nitrile rich environment Abstract
Shivani *, Alka Misra, Poonam Tandon
ChJAA Vol 4, No 6 (2004) Formation of Solar Delta Active Regions: Twist and Writhe of Magnetic Ropes Abstract   PDF
Hong-Qi Zhang
ChJAA Vol 6, No 6 (2006) (641-768) Formation of the CME Leading Edge Observed in the 2003 February 18 Event Abstract   PDF
Xing-Ming Bao, Hong-Qi Zhang, Jun Lin
ChJAA Vol 6, No 5 (2006) (513-640) Formation of the Kuiper Belt by Long Time-Scale Migration of Jovian Planets Abstract   PDF
Jian Li, Li-Yong Zhou, Yi-Sui Sun
Vol 8, No 3 (2008): (245-368) Formation of Transient Coronal Holes during the Eruption of a Quiescent Filament and its Overlying Sigmoid Abstract   PDF
Li-Heng Yang, Yun-Chun Jiang, Dong-Bai Ren
Vol 12, No 8 (2012): “Frontiers in Astrophysics” — A special issue dedicated to the IAU XXVIIIth General Assembly (Beijing, 2012) Forming different planetary systems Abstract
Ji-Lin Zhou, Ji-Wei Xie, Hui-Gen Liu, Hui Zhang, Yi-Sui Sun
Vol 14, No 10 (2014) Four new observational H(z) data from luminous red galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data release seven Abstract   PDF
Cong Zhang, Han Zhang, Shuo Yuan, Si-Qi Liu, Tong-Jie Zhang, Yan-Chun Sun
Vol 11, No 9 (2011) Fractal dimension and thermodynamic fluctuation properties of IDV light curves Abstract   PDF
Chun-Sing Leung, Jian-Yan Wei, Zoltan Kovács, Tiberiu Harko
2006 Supplement 2: 2005 LAKE HANAS INTERNATIONAL PULSAR SYMPOSIUM Frequency Dependence of the Drifting Sub-Pulses of PSR B0031–07 Abstract   PDF
J. M. Smits, D. Mitra, J. Kuijpers
Vol 17, No 9 (2017): (89-99) Frequency drift rate of solar decameter “drift pair” bursts Abstract
Aleksander Stanislavsky, Aleksander Konovalenko, Yaroslav Volvach
Vol 16, No 8 (2016): 118-132 Full-disk synoptic observations of the chromosphere using Hα telescope at the Kodaikanal Observatory Abstract
Belur Ravindra, Kesavan Prabhu, Komandur Elayaveilli Rangarajan, Bagare Shekar, Singh Jagdev, Kemkar Madan Mohan, Paul Lancelot, Koyipurathu Chellappan Thulasidharen, Francis Gabriel, Raju Selvendran
ChJAA Vol 6, No 5 (2006) (513-640) G328: A Small-Amplitude Red Variable with a Period Near One Day Abstract   PDF
Bao-An Yao, Chang-Jun Shen, Chun-Sheng Zhang, Han-Ming Hu, Qing Lin
Vol 12, No 8 (2012): “Frontiers in Astrophysics” — A special issue dedicated to the IAU XXVIIIth General Assembly (Beijing, 2012) Galactic center research: manifestations of the central black hole Abstract
Mark R. Morris, Leo Meyer, Andrea M. Ghez
ChJAA Vol 3, No 5 (2003) Galactic Chemical Evolution of the Lighter Neutron Capture Elements Sr, Y and Zr Abstract   PDF
Cui-Hua Du, Bo Zhang, Han-Feng Song, Qiu-He Peng
Vol 15, No 7 (2015) Galactic coordinate system based on multi-wavelength catalogs Abstract   PDF
Ping-Jie Ding, Zi Zhu, Jia-Cheng Liu
Vol 15, No 8 (2015): The LAMOST Galactic surveys and early results Galactic disk bulk motions as revealed by the LSS-GAC DR2 Abstract   PDF
Ning-Chen Sun, Xiao-Wei Liu, Yang Huang, Haibo Yuan, Maosheng Xiang, Hua-Wei Zhang, Bingqiu Chen, Juan-Juan Ren, Chun Wang, Yong Zhang, Yong-Hui Hou, Yue-Fei Wang, Ming Yang
Vol 9, No 12 (2009) Galactic kinematics and structure defined by open clusters Abstract   PDF
Zi Zhu
Vol 10, No 9 (2010) Galaxy formation in the reionization epoch as hinted by Wide Field Camera 3 observations of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Abstract   PDF
Hao-Jing Yan, Rogier A. Windhorst, Nimish P. Hathi, Seth H. Cohen, Russell E. Ryan, Robert W. O’Connell, Patrick J. McCarthy
Vol 16, No 3 (2016) GalevNB: a conversion from N-body simulations to observations Abstract   PDF
Xiao-Ying Pang, Christoph Olczak, Di-Feng Guo, Rainer Spurzem, Ralf Kotulla
2003 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2003 Gamma Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era Abstract   PDF
Filippo Frontera
Vol 14, No 11 (2014) Gamma/hadron segregation for a ground based imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope using machine learning methods: Random Forest leads Abstract   PDF
Mradul Sharma, Jitadeepa Nayak, Maharaj Krishna Koul, Smarajit Bose, Abhas Mitra
2006 Supplement 1: WORKSHOP ON MULTIFREQUENCY BEHAVIOUR OF HIGH ENERGY COSMIC SOURCES: Frascati, 2005 Gamma-ray Astrophysics with the Space Detector AGILE Abstract   PDF
C. Pittori, M. Tavani, (on behalf ofthe AGILE Team)
2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 Gamma-Ray Background: A Review Abstract   PDF
T. M. Kneiske
2003 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2003 Gamma-Ray Bursts and Cosmology Abstract   PDF
G. Barbiellini, F. Longo
Vol 12, No 8 (2012): “Frontiers in Astrophysics” — A special issue dedicated to the IAU XXVIIIth General Assembly (Beijing, 2012) Gamma-ray bursts and their links with supernovae and cosmology Abstract
Peter Mészáros, Neil Gehrels
Vol 7, No 1 (2007): (1-154) Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era Abstract   PDF
Bing Zhang
Vol 7, No 2 (2007): (155-329) Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era Abstract   PDF
Bing Zhang
2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 Gamma-Ray Bursts, Supernovae and Metallicity in the Intergalactic Medium Abstract   PDF
S. Dado, A. Dar, A. de Rújula
ChJAA Vol 1, No 6 (2001) Gamma-ray Bursts: a Probe of Black Holes Abstract   PDF
Wei Wang, Yong-Heng Zhao
ChJAA Vol 1, No 1 (2001) Gamma-Ray Bursts: Afterglows and Centeral Engines Abstract   PDF
K.S. Cheng, T. Lu
2003 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2003 Gamma-Ray Bursts: explained my way Abstract   PDF
Wolfgang Kundt
ChJAA Vol 1, No 6 (2001) Gamma-ray Emission from the γ-ray-loud BL Lac Objects Abstract   PDF
Guang-Zhong Xie, Ben-Zhong Dai, En-Wei Liang, Zhao-Hua Xie
2005 Supplement: The Fifth Microquasar Workshop 2004 (1-364) Gamma-ray Emission in GPS Quasars Abstract   PDF
Jin-Ming Bai
Vol 9, No 1 (2009) Gamma-ray luminosity function of gamma-ray bright AGNs Abstract   PDF
Debbijoy Bhattacharya, Parameswaran Sreekumar, Reshmi Mukherjee
2006 Supplement 2: 2005 LAKE HANAS INTERNATIONAL PULSAR SYMPOSIUM Gamma-ray Mature Pulsars: Unidentified EGRET Sources, Possible TeV Sources and Radio Detectivity Abstract   PDF
W. Wang, Y. Zhao, Y. Lu
2005 Supplement: The Fifth Microquasar Workshop 2004 (1-364) Gamma-Ray Spectral Characteristics of Thermal and Non-Thermal Emission from Three Black Holes Abstract   PDF
James C Ling, William A Wheaton
Vol 14, No 4 (2014) Gap formation in a self-gravitating disk and the associated migration of the embedded giant planet Abstract   PDF
Hui Zhang, Hui-Gen Liu, Ji-Lin Zhou, Robert Wittenmyer
Vol 17, No 4 (2017): (31-39) Gas emission and dynamics in the infrared dark cloud G31.23+0.05 Abstract
Xiao-Lan Liu, Jun-Jie Wang, Jin-Long Xu, Chuan-Peng Zhang
Vol 8, No 1 (2008): (1-132) Gaseous versus Stellar Velocity Dispersion in Emission-Line Galaxies Abstract   PDF
Xiao-Yan Chen, Cai-Na Hao, Jing Wang
Vol 17, No 6 (2017): (49-63) General relativistic calculations for white dwarfs Abstract   PDF
Arun Mathew, Malay K. Nandy
2008 Supplement: Frascati Workshop 2007 General Relativistic Radiative Transfer: Applications to Black-Hole Systems Abstract   PDF
K. Wu, S. V. Fuerst, Y. Mizuno, K.-I. Nishikawa, G. Branduardi-Raymont, K.-G. Lee
2006 Supplement 1: WORKSHOP ON MULTIFREQUENCY BEHAVIOUR OF HIGH ENERGY COSMIC SOURCES: Frascati, 2005 General Relativistic Radiative Transfer: Emission from Accreting Black Holes in AGN Abstract   PDF
Kinwah Wu, Steven V. Fuerst, Khee-Gan Lee, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont
Vol 7, No 6 (2007): (743-844) Generation of Interstellar Class II 72–81A+ and 72–81A- Methanol Masers Abstract   PDF
Han-Ping Liu, Jin Sun
Vol 16, No 1 (2016) Geoeffectiveness of the coronal mass ejections associated with solar proton events Abstract   PDF
Gui-Ming Le, Chuan Li, Yu-Hua Tang, Liu-Guan Ding, Zhi-Qiang Yin, Yu-Lin Chen, Yang-Ping Lu, Min-Hao Chen, Zhong-Yi Li
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