Forthcoming Papers

Special Issue:

  • Radio pulsars with expected gamma radiation and gamma pulsars as pulsating radio emitters

    Igor Malov and Maria Timirkeeva

    Received: 2017-11-07; Accepted: 2017-12-14

    Manuscript No. MS 4136 (RAA-2017-0229)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1712.06990

  • Dynamics of magnetic flux tubes and IR-variability of Young Stellar Objects

    Sergey Khaibrakhmanov, Alexander Dudorov and Sobolev Andrej

    Received: 2017-12-07; Accepted: 2017-12-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4137 (RAA-2017-0268)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1712.09094

  • Global photometric analysis of galactic HII regions

    Anastasiia Topchieva, Dmitri Wiebe and Maria Kirsanova

    Received: 2017-11-29; Accepted: 2018-01-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4069 (RAA-2017-0251)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1801.04440

  • New variable Stars from the Photographic Archive: Semi-automated Discoveries, Attempts of Automatic Classification, and the New Field 104 Her

    Sergei Antipin, Ignacio Becker, Alexander Belinsky, Darya Kolesnikova, Karim Pichara, Nikolai Samus, Kirill Sokolovsky, Alla Zharova and Alexandra Zubareva

    Received: 2017-11-25; Accepted: 2018-01-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4085 (RAA-2017-0247)

  • Disks and outflows in the S255IR area of high mass star formation from ALMA observations

    Igor Zinchenko, Sheng-Yuan Liu, Yu-Nung Su and Yuan Wang

    Received: 2017-11-30; Accepted: 2018-01-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4089 (RAA-2017-0257)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1801.10331

  • Estimation of masses of selected stars of Pulkovo program by means of astrometry methods

    Natalia Shakht, Denis Gorshanov and Olga Vasilkova

    Received: 2017-12-08; Accepted: 2018-01-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4090 (RAA-2017-0271)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1802.04044

  • Study of the filamentary infrared dark cloud G192.76+00.10 in the S254-S258 OB complex

    Olga Ryabukhina, Igor Zinchenko, Manash Samal, Peter Zemlyanukha, ladeyschikov dmitry, Andrey Sobolev, Christian Henkel and Devendra Ojha

    Received: 2017-11-30; Accepted: 2018-02-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4117 (RAA-2017-0260)

  • Investigation of radio pulsar emission features using power spectra

    Valery Malofeev

    Received: 2017-11-29; Accepted: 2018-02-11

    Manuscript No. MS 4119 (RAA-2017-0254)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1802.07670

  • Search for Giant Pulses of radio pulsars at frequency 111 MHz with LPA radio telescope

    Andrey Kazantsev

    Received: 2017-12-05; Accepted: 2018-02-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4130 (RAA-2017-0265)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1802.05864

  • Spectroscopic and photometric observations of Symbiotic Nova PU Vul during 2009-2016

    Anna Tatarnikova, Marina Burlak, Evgeny Kolotilov, Natalia Metlova, Victor Shenavrin, Sergey Shugarov, T. Tarasova and Andrey Tatarnikov

    Received: 2017-11-28; Accepted: 2018-02-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4133 (RAA-2017-0249)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1803.05739

  • Diffuse Matter and Cosmogony of Stellar Systems in Researches by G.A. Shajn

    Nataly Bondar'

    Received: 2017-11-29; Accepted: 2018-03-14

    Manuscript No. MS 4144 (RAA-2017-0252)

  • A Search for Evidences of Small-Scale Imhomogeneities in Dense Cores from Line Profile Analysis

    Lev Pirogov

    Received: 2018-01-29; Accepted: 2018-04-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4158 (RAA-2018-0024)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.05600

  • Evolutionary status of T Tauri stars

    Olga Eretnova and Alexander Dudorov

    Received: 2017-12-07; Accepted: 2018-04-10

    Manuscript No. MS 4162 (RAA-2017-0269)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.05315

  • Cooling and energy loss of partially ionized hydrogen gas behind a shock wave

    Konstantin Bychkov and Oksana Belova

    Received: 2017-11-29; Accepted: 2018-04-18

    Manuscript No. MS 4166 (RAA-2017-0253)

Research Papers:

  • Investigation of the possible source for solar energetic particle event of 2017 September 10

    MingXian Zhao, Guiming Le and YuTian Chi

    Received: 2018-01-12; Accepted: 2018-03-16

    Manuscript No. MS 4140 (RAA-2018-0009)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.01082

  • Photometric Analysis of the eclipsing Polar MN Hya

    QiShan Wang, Shengbang Qian, Zhongtao Han, Miloslav Zejda, Eduardo Fern�ndez-Lajus and Liying Zhu

    Received: 2018-02-01; Accepted: 2018-03-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4147 (RAA-2018-0028)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1803.11083

  • Multiple cycles of magnetic activity of the Sun and Sun-like stars and their evolution

    Elena Bruevich, Vasily Bruevich and Boris Artamonov

    Received: 2018-02-01; Accepted: 2018-03-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4148 (RAA-2018-0029)

  • A kinematic study of the of the integral shaped filament: what roles do filaments play in forming young stellar clusters?

    Gang Wu, Jarken Esimbek, Willem Baan, Jianjun Zhou, Dongdong Zhou, Xiaohong Han and Aldiyar Agishev

    Received: 2017-10-11; Accepted: 2018-03-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4149 (RAA-2017-0199)

  • PS Vir: an Short-period Solar-like Contact Binary

    Huiyu Yuan and Yuan-gui Yang

    Received: 2018-02-24; Accepted: 2018-04-04

    Manuscript No. MS 4150 (RAA-2018-0043)

  • B-spline Surface Fitting and Simplifed GO/PO Analysis to Subre?ector Correction for Large Cassegrain Antenna Distortion Compensation

    You Ban, Congsi Wang, Shufei Feng, Wei Wang and Baoyan Duan

    Received: 2018-03-09; Accepted: 2018-04-01

    Manuscript No. MS 4151 (RAA-2018-0052)

  • Local sunspot oscillations and umbral dots

    Yuzef Zhugzhda and Robert Sych

    Received: 2018-01-11; Accepted: 2018-04-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4152 (RAA-2018-0008)

  • The Magnification Invariant of Circularly-symmetric Lens Models

    Chengliang Wei, Zhe Chu and Yiping Shu

    Received: 2018-02-08; Accepted: 2018-04-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4153 (RAA-2018-0037)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.07339

  • Uplifted cool gas and heating by mixing in cooling flows

    Noam Soker and Shlomi Hillel

    Received: 2018-02-25; Accepted: 2018-04-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4154 (RAA-2018-0044)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1801.00408

  • The optical/UV excess of X-ray-dim isolated neutron star. II. Nonuniformity of plasma on strangeon star surface

    Weiyang Wang, Yi Feng, Xiaoyu Lai, Yunyang Li, Jiguang Lu, Xuelei Chen and Renxin Xu

    Received: 2017-11-17; Accepted: 2018-03-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4155 (RAA-2017-0243)

  • The Fifth Edition of the General Catalogue of Variable Stars: Experiences in the Constellation of Centaurus

    Nikolai Samus, Elena Pastukhova, Olga Durlevich and Elena Kazarovets

    Received: 2018-03-14; Accepted: 2018-04-11

    Manuscript No. MS 4156 (RAA-2018-0060)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.03857

  • A particle-linkage model for non-axisymmetric elongated asteroids

    Hongwei Yang, Shuang Li and Cong Xu

    Received: 2018-04-01; Accepted: 2018-04-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4157 (RAA-2018-0079)

  • Orbital Period Changes of the W UMa binary YY Eri

    Ting Yu, Ke Hu, Yunxia Yu and Fu-Yuan Xiang

    Received: 2018-02-04; Accepted: 2018-04-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4159 (RAA-2018-0032)

  • Preprocessing the Photospheric Vector Magnetograms for Nonlinear Force-Free Field Extrapolation of the Global Corona

    Aiying Duan and Huai Zhang

    Received: 2018-03-15; Accepted: 2018-04-10

    Manuscript No. MS 4161 (RAA-2018-0062)

  • Solar GLAO and TAO: performance comparisons

    Deqing Ren, Xi Zhang and sizhen Liu

    Received: 2017-11-02; Accepted: 2018-04-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4163 (RAA-2017-0222)

  • Upgraded Photometric System of The 85-cm Telescope at Xinglong Station

    Chunhai Bai, Jianning Fu, Taoran Li, Zhou Fan, Jianghua Wu, Yong Zhao, Xianqun Zeng, Wenzhao Zhang, Peng Qiu, Guojie Feng and Xiaojun Jiang

    Received: 2017-05-30; Accepted: 2018-04-12

    Manuscript No. MS 4164 (RAA-2017-0120)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.08565

  • Spectroscopic and Photometric Studies of a Candidate Pulsating Star in an Eclipsing Binary: V948 Her


    Received: 2018-03-01; Accepted: 2018-04-18

    Manuscript No. MS 4165 (RAA-2018-0050)

  • The pc-scale radio structure of MIR-observed radio galaxies

    Ye Yuan, Minfeng Gu and Yongjun Chen

    Received: 2018-04-03; Accepted: 2018-04-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4167 (RAA-2018-0082)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.09969

  • Searching for ?-ray Counterparts to Very Faint X-Ray Transient Neutron Star binaries

    Gege Wang and Zhongxiang Wang

    Received: 2018-01-15; Accepted: 2018-04-26

    Manuscript No. MS 4168 (RAA-2018-0011)

  • Investigating the Efficiency of the Beijing Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (BFOSC) of the Xinglong 2.16-m Reflector

    Yong Zhao, Zhou Fan, J. J. Ren, Liang Ge, Xiaoming Zhang, Hongbin Li, Huijuan Wang, Jianfeng Wang, Peng Qiu and Xiaojun Jiang

    Received: 2018-01-20; Accepted: 2018-04-26

    Manuscript No. MS 4169 (RAA-2018-0016)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.00620

  • Mapping the emission line strengths and kinematics of Supernova Remnant S147 with extensive LAMOST spectroscopic observations

    J. J. Ren, Xiao Wei Liu, Bingqiu Chen, Maosheng Xiang, Haibo Yuan, Yang Huang, Huawei Zhang, Chun Wang, Zhijia Tian, Gaochao Liu and Hong Wu

    Received: 2018-02-26; Accepted: 2018-04-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4170 (RAA-2018-0045)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.10989

  • Photometry and spectroscopy of II Peg, IM Peg and UX Ari

    Ajaz Dar, Padmakar Parihar and Manzoor Malik

    Received: 2018-03-22; Accepted: 2018-05-01

    Manuscript No. MS 4171 (RAA-2018-0069)

  • The Mass of the Galactic Dark Matter Halo from ? 9000 LAMOST DR5 K Giants

    Meng Zhai, Xiangxiang Xue, Lan Zhang, Chengdong Li, Gang Zhao and Chengqun Yang

    Received: 2018-03-11; Accepted: 2018-04-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4172 (RAA-2018-0055)

  • Extracting 21cm signal by frequency and angular filtering

    Qizhi Huang, Fengquan Wu, Reza Ansari and Xuelei Chen

    Received: 2018-04-20; Accepted: 2018-04-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4173 (RAA-2018-0108)

  • A Novel Hexapod and its Prototype for Secondary Mirror Alignment in Telescopes

    Dehua Yang, Ying Cheng, Changcheng Wu, Fei Fei and Zhen-Yu Jin

    Received: 2018-02-23; Accepted: 2018-05-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4174 (RAA-2018-0041)

  • Weekly inter-technique combination reference frame of SLR, VLBI, GPS and DORIS at the solution level

    Lizhen Lian, Jiexian Wang, Chengli Huang and Minghui Xu

    Received: 2018-04-02; Accepted: 2018-04-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4176 (RAA-2018-0080)

  • Spectral Energy Distributions for TeV Blazars

    Chao Lin and Junhui Fan

    Received: 2018-03-28; Accepted: 2018-05-04

    Manuscript No. MS 4177 (RAA-2018-0075)

  • Study of temporal and spectral characteristics of the X-ray emission from solar flares

    Veena Choithani, Rajmal Jain, Arun Awasthi, Geetanjali Singh, Sneha Chaudhari and Som Sharma

    Received: 2018-01-08; Accepted: 2018-04-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4178 (RAA-2018-0004)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1804.08431

  • NSVS 01286630: A Detached Binary with a Close-in Companion

    Bin Zhang, Shengbang Qian, Liying Zhu, wenping Liao, Ai-Jun Dong and Qijun Zhi

    Received: 2018-03-30; Accepted: 2018-05-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4179 (RAA-2018-0077)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.04978

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