Forthcoming Papers

  • Interference coupling analysis based on a hybrid method: application for radio telescope system

    Qinglin Xu, Yang Qiu, Jin Tian and Qi Liu

    Received: 2017-07-29; Accepted: 2017-11-03

    Manuscript No. MS 3422 (RAA-2017-0118)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1711.03257

  • HNCO: A Molecule Traces Low-velocity Shock

    Yu naiping, Jin-Long Xu and Junjie Wang

    Received: 2017-06-30; Accepted: 2017-11-05

    Manuscript No. MS 3433 (RAA-2017-0138)

  • Optical and Near- Infrared Photometric Study of NGC 6724

    Prof. Ashraf Latif Tadross

    Received: 2017-09-08; Accepted: 2017-11-03

    Manuscript No. MS 3434 (RAA-2017-0182)

  • Statistical analysis on Dynamic Fibrils observed from NST/BBSO observations

    Priya T G, Jiangtao Su, Chen Jie, Yuanyong Deng and Debiprasad Choudhury

    Received: 2017-10-11; Accepted: 2017-11-14

    Manuscript No. MS 3435 (RAA-2017-0197)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1711.06381

  • Neutron Stars : A Relativistic Study

    Mehedi Kalam, SK MONOWAR HOSSEIN and Sajahan Molla

    Received: 2017-07-10; Accepted: 2017-11-20

    Manuscript No. MS 3438 (RAA-2017-0142)

  • Revisiting the Gamma-ray burst afterglows with time-dependent parameters

    Chao Yang, Wei Chen, Bin Liao, Wei-Hua Lei and Yuan-Chuan Zou

    Received: 2017-02-13; Accepted: 2017-11-17

    Manuscript No. MS 3439 (RAA-2017-0037)

  • The NGC 7742 star cluster luminosity function: A population analysis revisited

    Richard de Grijs and Chao Ma

    Received: 2017-08-05; Accepted: 2017-11-30

    Manuscript No. MS 3440 (RAA-2017-0159)


    Zeqiang Xie and Keping Qiu

    Received: 2017-11-02; Accepted: 2017-11-29

    Manuscript No. MS 3441 (RAA-2017-0221)

  • Multi-color light curves and orbital period research of eclipsing binary V1073 Cyg

    Tian Xiao-man, Liying Zhu, Shengbang Qian, Linjia Li and Lin-qiao Jiang

    Received: 2017-06-28; Accepted: 2017-11-27

    Manuscript No. MS 3442 (RAA-2017-0134)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1712.01072

  • R-band host galaxy contamination of TeV gamma-ray blazar Mrk 501: effects of the aperture size and seeing

    Haicheng Feng, Hongtao Liu, Yinghe Zhao, Jinming Bai, Fang Wang and Xuliang Fan

    Received: 2017-08-30; Accepted: 2017-11-30

    Manuscript No. MS 3443 (RAA-2017-0177)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1712.00217

  • Statefinder diagnostic and constraints on the Palatini f(R) gravity theories

    Shulei Cao, Song Li, Hao-Ran Yu and Tongjie Zhang

    Received: 2017-10-21; Accepted: 2017-11-14

    Manuscript No. MS 3444 (RAA-2017-0206)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1711.08329

  • Matching CCD Images to a Stellar Catalogue Using Locality-Sensitive Hashing

    Bo Liu, Jiazong Yu and Qing-Yu Peng

    Received: 2017-10-10; Accepted: 2017-11-28

    Manuscript No. MS 3445 (RAA-2017-0201)

  • Precession Effects on Liquid Planetary Core

    Min Liu and Ligang Li

    Received: 2017-10-30; Accepted: 2017-11-25

    Manuscript No. MS 3446 (RAA-2017-0213)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1712.02127

  • Merging Strangeon Stars

    Xiaoyu Lai, Yun-Wei Yu, Enping Zhou, Yunyang Li and Renxin Xu

    Received: 2017-10-16; Accepted: 2017-11-29

    Manuscript No. MS 3447 (RAA-2017-0205)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1710.04964

  • An algorithm to resolve ?-rays from charged cosmic rays with DAMPE

    zunlei xu, kaikai duan, zhaoqiang shen, shijun lei, tiekuang dong, xiang li and qiang yuan

    Received: 2017-11-04; Accepted: 2017-11-29

    Manuscript No. MS 3448 (RAA-2017-0216)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1712.02939

Update: Dec 15, 2017

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209