Forthcoming Papers

Special Issue:

  • Is the additional increase of the star luminosity due to partial mixing real?

    Evgeny Staritsin

    Received: 2018-04-19; Accepted: 2018-05-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4195 (RAA-2018-0103)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.12412

  • Variable binaries and variables in binaries in the Binary Star Database BDB

    Dana Kovaleva, O. Malkov and Pavel Kaygorodov

    Received: 2018-04-28; Accepted: 2018-06-06

    Manuscript No. MS 4207 (RAA-2018-0114)

  • Database of Molecular Masers and Variable Stars

    Andrey Sobolev, Dmitry Ladeyschikov and Junichi Nakashima

    Received: 2018-04-28; Accepted: 2018-06-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4215 (RAA-2018-0115)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1807.01901

  • The role of Rossiter-McLaughlin effect in the study of close binaries

    Galina Dryomova and Vladimir Dryomov

    Received: 2018-05-09; Accepted: 2018-08-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4231 (RAA-2018-0131)

  • Variability of emission lines in the optical spectra of the Herbig Be binary system HD 200775

    Anastasiya Bisyarina, Andrey Sobolev, Stanislav Gorda and Anatoly Miroshnichenko

    Received: 2018-04-30; Accepted: 2018-08-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4240 (RAA-2018-0118)

  • A word about the Teacher

    Galina Dryomova, Olga Eretnova and Tatyana Polushina

    Received: 2018-06-02; Accepted: 2018-10-11

    Manuscript No. MS 4259 (RAA-2018-0155)

  • Study of variable stars associated with maser sources: G025.65+1.05

    Andrey Sobolev, Anastasiya Bisyarina, Stanislav Gorda and Andrey Tatarnikov

    Received: 2018-04-30; Accepted: 2018-11-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4286 (RAA-2018-0119)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1811.06243

  • C/2015 O1: A long-period comet with photometric observations

    Xuan Zhang, Jin-Zhong Liu, Ya-Hui Wang and Li-Na Lu

    Received: 2018-10-24; Accepted: 2018-12-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4315 (RAA-2018-0282)

  • Organics in the Sola r System

    Sun Kwok

    Received: 2018-12-21; Accepted: 2019-01-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4319 (RAA-2018-0355)

Research Papers:

  • Photometric investig ation of the eclipsing binary TX Herculis observed by LUT

    Liying Zhu, Tian Xi ao-man, Xiao Zhou, Linjia Li and Zhihua Wang

    Received: 2018-09-12; Accepted: 2019-01-11

    Manuscript No. MS 4318 (RAA-2018-0248)

  • Galaxy Properties Derived with Spectral Energy Distribution Fitting in the Hawaii-Hubble Deep Field-North

    Fangyou Gao, Junyao Li and Y. Q. Xue

    Received: 2018-07-08; Accepted: 2018-09-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4250 (RAA-2018-0188)

  • Mineralogy of northern nearside mare basalts

    Zhenchao Wang, Yunzhao Wu, Xiaomeng Zhang and Yu Lu

    Received: 2018-05-26; Accepted: 2018-09-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4251 (RAA-2018-0097)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.00338

  • Gas infall in the massive star formation core G192.16-3.84

    Mengyao Tang, Sheng-Li Qin, Tie Liu and Yuefang Wu

    Received: 2018-06-07; Accepted: 2018-10-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4252 (RAA-2018-0160)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.01597

  • Transit Timing Variations and linear ephemerides of confirmed Kepler transiting exoplanets

    Pavol Gajdoš, Martin Vaňko and Štefan Parimucha

    Received: 2018-06-28; Accepted: 2018-09-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4253 (RAA-2018-0179)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1809.11104

  • A Deep Learning Approach for Detecting Candidates of Supernova Remnants

    Wei Liu, Meng Zhu, Cong Dai, Bingyi Wang, Kang Wu, Xianchuan Yu, Wenwu Tian, Mengfei Zhang and Hongfeng Wang

    Received: 2018-05-19; Accepted: 2018-09-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4254 (RAA-2018-0142)

  • ALMA observations of the circumstellar envelope around EP Aqr

    Nhung Pham, Hoai Do, Tuan-Anh Pham, Thibaut Le Bertre, Pierre Darriulat, Diep Pham, Phuong Nguyen, Thao Nguyen and Jan Martin Winters

    Received: 2018-02-08; Accepted: 2018-10-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4255 (RAA-2018-0036)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.04423

  • Unifying neutron star sub-populations in the supernova fallback accretion model

    Bai-Sheng Liu and Xiangdong Li

    Received: 2018-09-09; Accepted: 2018-10-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4256 (RAA-2018-0244)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.04398

  • Polarised radio emission associated with HESS J1912+101

    Wolfgang Reich and Xiaohui Sun

    Received: 2018-08-01; Accepted: 2018-09-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4257 (RAA-2018-0209)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.07439

  • Searching for GeV gamma-ray emission from the bulge of M31

    Li Feng, Zhiyuan Li, Meng Su, boxuan Tam and Yang Chen

    Received: 2018-08-27; Accepted: 2018-10-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4262 (RAA-2018-0230)

  • Field Theory of the Correlation Function of Mass Density Fluctuations for Self-Gravitating Systems

    Yang Zhang, Qing Chen and Shuguang Wu

    Received: 2018-07-06; Accepted: 2018-10-16

    Manuscript No. MS 4263 (RAA-2018-0187)

  • Calibration of the DAMPE Plastic Scintillator Detector and its on-orbit performance

    Meng Ding, Yapeng Zhang, Zhang YongJie, Yuan-Peng Wang, tiekuang dong, Yu YuHong, Sun ZhiYu, Antonio Benedittis, Paolo Bernardini, Fang Fang, Valentina Gallo, Ma PengXiong, Yao Li, Jie Liu, Stefania Vitillo, Zhao-Min Wang, Qiang Yuan, Yue Chuan, Yong Zhou and Yunlong Zhang

    Received: 2018-07-09; Accepted: 2018-10-16

    Manuscript No. MS 4264 (RAA-2018-0186)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.09901

  • A new method to determine the gravity field of small bodies from line-of-sight acceleration data

    Nianchuan Jian, Jianguo Yan, Jin-Song Ping, Jean-Pierre Barriot and J.Alexis P. Rodriguez

    Received: 2018-08-16; Accepted: 2018-09-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4265 (RAA-2018-0218)

  • Multi-Aperture Seeing Profiler with Multiple Guide Stars

    Feng Yang, Gang Zhao and Deqing Ren

    Received: 2018-07-13; Accepted: 2018-10-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4266 (RAA-2018-0196)

  • Stability of LRS Bianchi type-I cosmological models in f(R, T)-gravity

    Umesh Sharma, Rashid Zia, Anirudh Pradhan and A Beesham

    Received: 2018-07-19; Accepted: 2018-10-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4267 (RAA-2018-0201)

  • A multi-wavelength study of filamentary cloud G341.244-00.265

    Yu naiping, Jin-Long Xu, xiaolan liu and Junjie Wang

    Received: 2018-08-20; Accepted: 2018-10-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4268 (RAA-2018-0221)

  • New Photometric Investigation of the Low-Mass-Ratio Contact Binary Star V1853 Orionis

    Jiajia He, Shengbang Qian, Soonthornthum B, Amornrat Aungwerojwit, Nian-Ping Liu and Thawicharat Sarotsakulchai

    Received: 2018-08-15; Accepted: 2018-10-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4269 (RAA-2018-0210)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1811.01485

  • Past and future of the central double-degenerate core of Henize 2-428

    Donghao Wu, Dongdong Liu and Bo Wang

    Received: 2018-08-23; Accepted: 2018-10-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4270 (RAA-2018-0227)

  • Numerical simulation of time delay interferometry for TAIJI and new LISA

    Gang Wang and Wei-Tou Ni

    Received: 2018-09-04; Accepted: 2018-10-31

    Manuscript No. MS 4271 (RAA-2018-0157)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1707.09127

  • On the error analyses of polarization measurements of the white-light coronagraph aboard ASO-S

    Li Feng, Hui (PMO) Li, Bernd Inhester, Bo Chen, Beili Ying, Lei Lu and Weiqun Gan

    Received: 2018-09-20; Accepted: 2018-10-23

    Manuscript No. MS 4272 (RAA-2018-0257)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1810.13003

  • Transition-region explosive events produced by plasmoid instability

    Dong Li

    Received: 2018-07-01; Accepted: 2018-11-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4273 (RAA-2018-0182)

  • Local standard of rest based on Gaia DR2 catalog

    Ping-Jie Ding, Zi Zhu and Jia-Cheng Liu

    Received: 2018-09-14; Accepted: 2018-11-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4276 (RAA-2018-0253)

  • Estimating statistics of sky brightness using radio interferometric observations

    Prasun Dutta and Meera Nandakumar

    Received: 2018-06-05; Accepted: 2018-11-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4278 (RAA-2018-0158)

  • Magnetic flux participation in solar surface magnetism during solar cycle 24

    Chunlan Jin and Jingxiu Wang

    Received: 2018-09-05; Accepted: 2018-11-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4279 (RAA-2018-0239)

  • The relationship between the radio core-dominance parameter and spectral index in different classes of extragalactic radio sources (II)

    Zhi-Yuan Pei, Junhui Fan, Denis Bastieri, Utane Sawangwit and J. H. Yang

    Received: 2018-09-13; Accepted: 2018-11-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4281 (RAA-2018-0252)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1811.08774

  • CCD astrometric observations of 2017 VR12, Camillo and Midas

    Zhenjun Zhang, Yigong Zhang, Xiangming Cheng, Jiancheng Wang and Jie Su

    Received: 2018-06-21; Accepted: 2018-11-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4282 (RAA-2018-0174)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1811.06691

  • Time Evolution of the Matter Content of the Expanding Universe in the Framework of Brans-Dicke Gravity

    Sudipto Roy

    Received: 2018-08-19; Accepted: 2018-11-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4283 (RAA-2018-0204)

  • The Symmetry Energy and Incompressibility Constrained by the Observations of Glitching Pulsars

    Yan Yan

    Received: 2018-05-19; Accepted: 2018-11-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4284 (RAA-2018-0141)

  • One large glitch in PSR B1737?30 detected with the TMRT

    Jie Liu, Zhen Yan, Jianping Yuan, Rushuang Zhao, Zhipeng Huang, Xinji Wu, Na Wang and Zhiqiang Shen

    Received: 2018-09-30; Accepted: 2018-11-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4285 (RAA-2018-0260)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1811.11403

  • Strange quark star in dilaton gravity

    ali Peivand, Kazem Naficy and Gholam Bordbar

    Received: 2018-07-05; Accepted: 2018-11-04

    Manuscript No. MS 4287 (RAA-2018-0185)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1803.01109

  • An adaptive loop gain selection for CLEAN deconvolution algorithm

    Li Zhang, Long Xu, Ming Zhang and Zhongzu Wu

    Received: 2018-07-29; Accepted: 2018-11-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4288 (RAA-2018-0208)

  • Properties of filament in Solar cycle 20-23 from McIntosh database

    Rakesh Mazumder

    Received: 2018-10-18; Accepted: 2018-11-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4289 (RAA-2018-0276)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1812.02489

  • The morphology, kinematics and metallicity of blue-core galaxies

    Yongyun Chen, Yanmei Chen, Qiusheng Gu, Yong Shi, Xiaoling Yu and Longji Bing

    Received: 2018-06-30; Accepted: 2018-12-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4291 (RAA-2018-0181)

  • A Method of Alignment of the Plastic Scintillator Detector of DAMPE

    Ma PengXiong, Zhang YongJie, Yapeng Zhang, Li Yao, Zang Jingjing, xiang li, tiekuang dong, Yi-Zhong Fan, shijun lei, Wu Jian, Yu YuHong, qiang yuan, Yue Chuan and Sun ZhiYu

    Received: 2018-06-30; Accepted: 2018-12-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4292 (RAA-2018-0180)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1808.05720

  • Space weathering of the Moon from in situ detection

    Yunzhao Wu, Zhenchao Wang and Yu Lu

    Received: 2018-07-18; Accepted: 2018-12-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4893 (RAA-2018-0202)

  • Optimal subreflector position determination of shaped dual-reflector antennas based on the parameters iteration approach

    Binbin Xiang, Cong-si Wang, Pei-yuan Lian, Na Wang and You Ban

    Received: 2018-09-26; Accepted: 2018-12-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4295 (RAA-2018-0259)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1812.03497

  • Search for H I emission from superdisk candidates associated with radio galaxies

    Abhijeet Anand, Nirupam Roy and Gopal Krishna

    Received: 2018-10-29; Accepted: 2018-12-11

    Manuscript No. MS 4297 (RAA-2018-0287)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1812.06875

  • Long-term trends in the solar activity. Variations of solar indices in last 40 years

    Elena Bruevich

    Received: 2018-10-29; Accepted: 2018-12-17

    Manuscript No. MS 4308 (RAA-2018-0289)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1812.11723

  • Measurements of atmospheric turbulence parameters at Vainu Bappu Observatory using short-exposure CCD images

    sreekanth vallapureddy, Ravinder Banyal, Sridharan Rengaswamy and Aishwarya Selvaraj

    Received: 2018-09-19; Accepted: 2018-12-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4309 (RAA-2018-0256)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1901.02187


    Peng Zou, Chaowei Jiang, Fengsi Wei and Wenda Cao

    Received: 2018-10-09; Accepted: 2018-12-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4310 (RAA-2018-0264)

  • A Catalog of DB White Dwarfs from the LAMOST DR5 and Construction of Templates

    Xiao Kong, Ali Luo and Xiangru Li

    Received: 2018-08-29; Accepted: 2018-12-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4311 (RAA-2018-0233)

  • On the distributions of pulsar glitch sizes and the inter-glitch time intervals.

    Innocent Eya, Johnson Urama and Augustine Chukwude

    Received: 2018-05-10; Accepted: 2018-12-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4312 (RAA-2018-0133)

  • Radial velocity measurements from LAMOST medium-resolution spectroscopic observations:

    Nian Liu, Jianning Fu, Kai Zong, Jianrong Shi, Ali Luo, Haotong Zhang, Xiangqun Cui, Yonghui Hou, Yang Pan, Rui Shan, Jun Chen, Zhongrui Bai, Xing Chen, Bing Du, Wen Hou, Chen Liu, Hao Tian, Tao Wang, Xin Wang, Fei Wu, Zhong Wu, Liang Yan and Fang Zuo

    Received: 2018-10-20; Accepted: 2018-12-21

    Manuscript No. MS 4313 (RAA-2018-0277)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1901.00619

  • Observation data pre-processing and scientific data products generation of POLAR

    Zhengheng Li, Jianchao Sun, Liming Song, Bobing Wu, Lu Li, Xing Wen, Hualin Xiao, Shaolin Xiong, Laiyu Zhang, Shuangnan Zhang and Yongjie Zhang

    Received: 2018-08-14; Accepted: 2019-01-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4314 (RAA-2018-0211)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1901.00800

  • The Distance Measurements of Supernova Remnants in the fourth Galactic Quadrant

    SUSU SHAN, Hui Zhu, Wenwu Tian, Hai-Yan Zhang, Ai-Yuan Yang and Mengfei Zhang

    Received: 2018-11-25; Accepted: 2019-01-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4316 (RAA-2018-0318)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1901.02882

  • Coherent structures and spectral shapes of kinetic Alfven wave turbulence in solar wind at 1 AU

    H D Singh and Bheem Jatav

    Received: 2018-12-01; Accepted: 2019-01-04

    Manuscript No. MS 4317 (RAA-2018-0330)

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