Forthcoming Papers

Special Issue:

  • Is the additional increase of the star luminosity due to partial mixing real?

    Evgeny Staritsin

    Received: 2018-04-19; Accepted: 2018-05-24

    Manuscript No. MS 4195 (RAA-2018-0103)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.12412

  • Variable binaries and variables in binaries in the Binary Star Database BDB

    Dana Kovaleva, O. Malkov and Pavel Kaygorodov

    Received: 2018-04-28; Accepted: 2018-06-06

    Manuscript No. MS 4207 (RAA-2018-0114)

  • Database of Molecular Masers and Variable Stars

    Andrey Sobolev, Dmitry Ladeyschikov and Junichi Nakashima

    Received: 2018-04-28; Accepted: 2018-06-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4215 (RAA-2018-0115)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1807.01901

  • The role of Rossiter-McLaughlin effect in the study of close binaries

    Galina Dryomova and Vladimir Dryomov

    Received: 2018-05-09; Accepted: 2018-08-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4231 (RAA-2018-0131)

  • Variability of emission lines in the optical spectra of the Herbig Be binary system HD 200775

    Anastasiya Bisyarina, Andrey Sobolev, Stanislav Gorda and Anatoly Miroshnichenko

    Received: 2018-04-30; Accepted: 2018-08-03

    Manuscript No. MS 4240 (RAA-2018-0118)

Research Papers:

  • A new parametrization of dark energy equation of state leading to double exponential potential

    Sudipta Das, Abdulla Mamon and Manisha Banerjee

    Received: 2018-04-09; Accepted: 2018-05-15

    Manuscript No. MS 4187 (RAA-2018-0068)

  • A global analysis for searching neutrinos associated with the black holes merging gravitational wave events

    Yuzi Yang, Jiajie Ling, Wei Wang and Zhaokan Cheng

    Received: 2018-03-19; Accepted: 2018-05-16

    Manuscript No. MS 4192 (RAA-2018-0065)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.09704

  • Analysis of the wide area differential correction for BeiDou global satellite navigation system

    Ran Li, Yueling Cao, Xiaogong Hu, Chengpan Tang, Shanshi Zhou, Xin Meng, Li Liu, Ranran Shu and Zhiqiao Chang

    Received: 2018-03-09; Accepted: 2018-05-19

    Manuscript No. MS 4193 (RAA-2018-0053)

  • SMA observations of molecular lines towards the massive star-forming region G10.6-0.4 in W31 complex

    Wong WaiHo and Tao An

    Received: 2018-01-08; Accepted: 2018-05-22

    Manuscript No. MS 4194 (RAA-2018-0005)

  • Identifying roAp stars in Stroemgren-Crawford photometry

    E. Paunzen, G. Handler, Katerina Honkova, Jakub Jurysek, Marek Masek, Marek Drozdz, Jan Janik, Waldemar Ogloza, Lars Hermansson, Mats Johansson, Martin Jelinek, Marek Skarka and Miloslav Zejda

    Received: 2018-03-26; Accepted: 2018-05-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4196 (RAA-2018-0072)

  • Manufacture of a hollow corner-cube retroreflector for next-generation of lunar laser ranging

    Yun He, Qi Liu, Hui-Zong Duan, Jing-jing He, Yuan-Ze Jiang and Hsien-Chi Yeh

    Received: 2018-04-11; Accepted: 2018-05-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4198 (RAA-2018-0092)

  • Long-term BVRI photometric light curves of 15 PMS stars in the IC 5070 star-forming region

    Sunay Ibryamov, Evgeni Semkov, Teodor Milanov and Stoyanka Peneva

    Received: 2018-04-07; Accepted: 2018-05-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4199 (RAA-2018-0085)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.11745

  • Improved Semi-Analytical Computation of Center Manifolds Near Collinear Libration Points

    Haniqng Zhang and Shuang Li

    Received: 2018-04-10; Accepted: 2018-05-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4201 (RAA-2018-0084)

  • The SAGE Photometric Sky Survey: Technical Description

    Jie Zheng, Gang Zhao, Wei Wang, Zhou Fan, Kefeng Tan, Chun Li and Fang Zuo

    Received: 2018-04-29; Accepted: 2018-05-25

    Manuscript No. MS 4202 (RAA-2018-0117)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1806.09116

  • A report on type-II X-ray burst from SMC X-1

    Binay Rai, Pragati Pradhan and Bikash Paul

    Received: 2018-03-20; Accepted: 2018-05-28

    Manuscript No. MS 4203 (RAA-2018-0066)

  • The first CCD photometric study of the open cluster NGC 744

    Kun WANG, Licai Deng, zhiquan luo, Zhengzhou Yan, Qili Liu, Jinjiang Sun and Qiang Zhou

    Received: 2018-04-18; Accepted: 2018-05-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4204 (RAA-2018-0098)

  • Planetary Nebulae in the Circumnuclear Region of M31: A Spectroscopic Sample

    Anqi Li, Zhiyuan Li, Hui Dong, Xuan Fang and Xiaojie Xu

    Received: 2018-04-20; Accepted: 2018-05-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4205 (RAA-2018-0105)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.12092

  • Log-normal flux distribution of bright Fermi blazars

    ZAHIR SHAH, Nijil Mankuzhiyil, Atreyee Sinha, Ranjeev Misra, Sunder Sahayanathan and Naseer Iqbal

    Received: 2018-04-09; Accepted: 2018-06-06

    Manuscript No. MS 4206 (RAA-2018-0089)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1805.04675

  • Flaring Activity from Quiescent States in Neutron-Star X-ray Binaries

    Dimitris Christodoulou, Silas Laycock, Demosthenes Kazanas and Ioannis Contopoulos

    Received: 2018-05-01; Accepted: 2018-06-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4208 (RAA-2018-0120)

  • Repercussions of Solar High Energy Protons on Ozone Layer during Super Storms

    asheesh bhargawa, Mohd Yakub and A. K. Singh

    Received: 2017-12-22; Accepted: 2018-06-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4209 (RAA-2017-0267)

  • Color gradients of the galaxies at 0.5 < z < 1. I. Dependence on galaxy global properties

    Zhixiong Liang and Cheng Li

    Received: 2018-05-11; Accepted: 2018-05-21

    Manuscript No. MS 4210 (RAA-2018-0135)

  • Color gradients of the galaxies 0.5 < z < 1. II. Clustering properties

    Zhixiong Liang and Cheng Li

    Received: 2018-05-14; Accepted: 2018-05-21

    Manuscript No. MS 4211 (RAA-2018-0136)

  • Testing Area of the SAGE Sky Survey

    Jie Zheng, Gang Zhao, Zhou Fan, Wei Wang, Kefeng Tan, Chun Li and Fang Zuo

    Received: 2018-04-15; Accepted: 2018-06-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4212 (RAA-2018-0096)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1806.09116


    Mahmoud Negm Eldin, Ahmed Essam and Shahinaz Yousef

    Received: 2018-01-11; Accepted: 2018-06-13

    Manuscript No. MS 4213 (RAA-2018-0007)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1807.00430

  • Effect of interaction of the various modes on the radial velocity curves of the polytropic models of rotationally and tidally distorted pulsating variables stars

    Tarun Kumar, Ankush Pathania and Arvind Lal

    Received: 2018-05-01; Accepted: 2018-06-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4124 (RAA-2018-0122)

  • Long-term optical color behavior of a sample of blazars

    Xiao-Pan Li, Yu-Hui Luo, Hai-Tao Yang, Hai-Yan Yang, Cheng Yang and Yan Cai

    Received: 2018-05-04; Accepted: 2018-07-04

    Manuscript No. MS 4216 (RAA-2018-0127)

  • Noncommutative dispersion relation and mass-radius relation of white dwarfs

    Arun Mathew and Malay Nandy

    Received: 2018-04-24; Accepted: 2018-07-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4217 (RAA-2018-0111)

  • The GeV Emission of PSR B1259-63 During Last Three Periastron Passages Observed by Fermi-LAT

    Zhi Chang, Shu Zhang, Yu-Peng Chen, Long Ji, Ling-Da Kong and Cong-Zhan Liu

    Received: 2018-01-29; Accepted: 2018-07-06

    Manuscript No. MS 4218 (RAA-2018-0025)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1807.02662

  • Searching exoplanets by HEPS: I. detection probability of Earth-like planets in multiple systems

    Zhou-yi Yu, Hui-Gen Liu, Jilin Zhou, Donghong Wu, Ming Yang, Song-Hu Wang, Hui Zhang, Zi Zhu and Jia-Cheng Liu

    Received: 2018-03-29; Accepted: 2018-07-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4219 (RAA-2018-0076)

  • Studying Dynamical Models of the Core Galaxy NGC 1399 with Merging Remnants

    Li-Chin Yeh and Ing-Guey Jiang

    Received: 2018-04-11; Accepted: 2018-07-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4220 (RAA-2018-0091)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1807.05704

  • Design and performance study of the HEPP-H Calorimeter onboard the CSES satellite

    Yu-Fei Nan, Zheng-Hua An, Hang-Xu Li, Xiao-Yun Zhao, Xiang-Yang Wen, Da-Li Zhang, Shu-Guang Cheng, Xin-Qiao Li, Hui Wang, Xiao-Hua Liang, Feng Shi, Yan-Bing Xu, Xiao-Xia Yu, Ping Wang, Hong Lu, Huan-Yu Wang and Yuqian Ma

    Received: 2017-12-27; Accepted: 2018-07-09

    Manuscript No. MS 4223 (RAA-2017-0288)

  • Variable Stars in M 37

    Ajaz Dar, Padmakar Parihar, Parvej Saleh and Manzoor Malik

    Received: 2018-05-24; Accepted: 2018-07-18

    Manuscript No. MS 4224 (RAA-2018-0146)

  • Is the enhancement of type II radio bursts during CME interactions related to the associated solar energetic particle event?

    Liu-Guan Ding, Zhiwei Wang, Li Feng, Gang Li and Yong Jiang

    Received: 2018-06-07; Accepted: 2018-07-27

    Manuscript No. MS 4227 (RAA-2018-0159)

  • Gaia Calibrated UV Luminous Stars in LAMOST

    Yu Bai, Jifeng Liu and Song Wang

    Received: 2018-06-04; Accepted: 2018-07-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4228 (RAA-2018-0156)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1807.00531

  • Size distribution of galaxies in SDSS DR7: weak dependence on halo environment

    Youcai Zhang and Xiaohu Yang

    Received: 2018-05-16; Accepted: 2018-07-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4229 (RAA-2018-0138)

  • On static and spherically symmetric solutions of Starobinsky model

    Shuang Yu, Changjun Gao and Mingjun Liu

    Received: 2018-06-12; Accepted: 2018-07-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4230 (RAA-2018-0163)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1711.04064

  • The simplest way to get a cluster's parameters in the Gaia II era: (Dolidze 41)

    Prof. Ashraf Latif Tadross

    Received: 2018-07-11; Accepted: 2018-08-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4232 (RAA-2018-0193)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1808.01654

  • A multiwavelength view of a Classical T-Tauri Star CV Cha

    Jeewan Pandey, Subhajeet Karmakar, Arti Joshi, Saurabh Sharma, Shashi Pandey and Anil Pandey

    Received: 2018-04-19; Accepted: 2018-08-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4234 (RAA-2018-0101)

  • Galactic halo age estimated from LAMOST DR4 and GAIA DR1

    Jincheng Guo, Huawei Zhang, Yang Huang, Xiao Wei Liu, Jifeng Liu, Maosheng Xiang, Bingqiu Chen, Haibo Yuan, Zhijia Tian, Zhiying Huo and Chun Wang

    Received: 2018-04-09; Accepted: 2018-08-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4235 (RAA-2018-0088)

  • Ancient subsurface structure beneath crater Clavius: Constraint by recent high-precision gravity and topography data

    Zhen Zhong, Jianguo Yan and J.Alexis P. Rodriguez

    Received: 2018-05-08; Accepted: 2018-07-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4236 (RAA-2018-0129)

  • Estimation of Spectrum and Parameters of Relic Gravitational Wave using Space-Borne Interferometers

    Bo Wang and Yang Zhang

    Received: 2018-06-19; Accepted: 2018-08-08

    Manuscript No. MS 4237 (RAA-2018-0164)

  • Analytical model of compact star in low-mass X-ray binary with de Sitter spacetime

    Sajahan Molla, Rabiul Islam, Md. Abdul Jafry and Mehedi Kalam

    Received: 2018-06-25; Accepted: 2018-08-07

    Manuscript No. MS 4238 (RAA-2018-0148)

  • Physical properties variation across the green valley for local galaxies

    Xue Ge, Qiusheng Gu, Yongyun Chen and Nan Ding

    Received: 2018-05-21; Accepted: 2018-08-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4239 (RAA-2018-0144)

    Astro-ph Link: arXiv:1808.01709

  • CN Andromedae: A Shallow Contact Binary with A Possible Tertiary Component

    Muhammed YILDIRIM, Fahri ALICAVUS and Faruk Soydugan

    Received: 2018-06-19; Accepted: 2018-07-30

    Manuscript No. MS 4241 (RAA-2018-0171)

  • Unit panel nodes detection by CNN on FAST reflector

    Zhi-Song Zhang, Lichun Zhu, Wei Tang and Xin Li

    Received: 2018-06-19; Accepted: 2018-08-20

    Manuscript No. MS 4242 (RAA-2018-0170)

  • Cosmology using Long Gamma Ray Bursts: Statistical Analysis of Errors in the calibrated Data

    Meghendra Singh, Shashikant Gupta, Amit Sharma and Satendra Sharma

    Received: 2018-03-18; Accepted: 2018-08-29

    Manuscript No. MS 4244 (RAA-2018-0063)

  • On the possibility of disk-fed formation in supergiant high-mass X-ray binaries

    Ali Taani, Shigeyuki karino, Liming Song, Mashhoor Al-Wardat, Awni Khasawneh and Mardini Mohammad

    Received: 2018-07-16; Accepted: 2018-09-01

    Manuscript No. MS 4245 (RAA-2018-0192)

  • A compilation of known QSOs for the Gaia mission

    Shilong Liao

    Received: 2018-04-17; Accepted: 2018-09-05

    Manuscript No. MS 4247 (RAA-2018-0099)

  • The redshift distribution of BL Lacs and FSRQs

    David Garofalo, Chandra Singh, Dylan Walsh, Damian Christian, Andrew Jones, Alexa Zack, Brandt Webster and Matt Kim

    Received: 2018-07-27; Accepted: 2018-09-02

    Manuscript No. MS 4248 (RAA-2018-0207)

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