Vol 13, No 8 (2013)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

A multiwavelength view of the ISM in the merger remnant galaxy Fornax A PDF
Swati Pralhadrao Deshmukh, Bhagorao Tukaram Tate, Nilkanth Dattatray Vagshette, Sheo Kumar Pandey, Madhav Khushalrao Patil 885-898
Triggering star formation by both radiative and mechanical AGN feedback PDF
Chao Liu, Zhao-Ming Gan, Fu-Guo Xie 899-911
Quantum chemical analysis for the formation of glycine in the Interstellar medium PDF
Alka Misra 912-920
CO observations of the Galactic bubble N4 PDF
Jun-Yu Li, Zhi-Bo Jiang, Yao Liu, Yuan Wang 921-934
Properties of the UCHII region G25.4NW and its associated molecular cloud PDF
Mei Ai, Ming Zhu, Li Xiao, Hong-Quan Su 935-944
A new study of neutrino energy loss of nuclides 53−60Cr by electron capture in magnetars PDF
Jing-Jing Liu 945-951
A statistical classification of the unassociated gamma-ray sources in the second Fermi Large Area Telescope Catalog PDF
Zhu Mao, Yun-Wei Yu 952-960
Analysis of the coronal source of the partially limb-occulted flare on 2002 July 20 PDF
Jin-Hua Shen, Victor Melnikov, Tuan-Hui Zhou, Hai-Sheng Ji 961-977
The energetic relationship among geoeffective solar flares, associated CMEs and SEPs PDF
Nipa J Bhatt, Rajmal Jain, Arun Kumar Awasthi 978-990
An accelerated direct demodulation method for image reconstruction using spherical data from the hard X-ray modulation telescope PDF
Zhuo-Xi Huo, Jian-Feng Zhou 991-1012

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209