Vol 12, No 12 (2012)

Table of Contents


Confirming the 115.5-day periodicity in the X-ray light curve of ULX NGC 5408 X-1 PDF
Xu Han, Tao An, Jun-Yi Wang, Ji-Ming Lin, Ming-Jie Xie, Hai-Guang Xu, Xiao-Yu Hong, Sandor Frey 1597-1602

Research Papers

Influence of baryons on the spatial distribution of matter: higher order correlation functions PDF
Xiao-Jun Zhu, Jun Pan 1603-1612
Hydro-chemical study of the evolution of interstellar pre-biotic molecules during the collapse of molecular clouds PDF
Liton Majumdar, Ankan Das, Sandip K. Chakrabarti, Sonali Chakrabarti 1613-1624
Hydrodynamical wind in magnetized accretion flows with convection PDF
Shahram Abbassi, Amin Mosallanezhad 1625-1636
A search for metal-poor stars pre-enriched by pair-instability supernovae I. A pilot study for target selection from Sloan Digital Sky Survey PDF
Jing Ren, Norbert Christlieb, Gang Zhao 1637-1648
A study of the strong pulses detected from PSR B0656+14 using the Urumqi 25-m radio telescope at 1540 MHz PDF
Guo-Cun Tao, Ali Esamdin, Hui-Dong Hu, Mao-Fei Qian, Jing Li, Na Wang 1649-1654
Avoided crossings between non-radial modes in low mass RGB stars PDF
Jun-Jun Guo, Yan Li, Xiang-Jun Lai 1655-1665
Application of a probabilistic neural network in analysis of the radial velocity curve of spectroscopic binary stars PDF
Kamal Ghaderi, Kayoomars Karami, Ali Pirkhedri, Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi, Touba Rostami 1666-1672
Orbit and spin evolution of synchronous binary stars on the main sequence PDF
Lin-Sen Li 1673-1680
Statistical study of emerging flux regions and the response of the upper atmosphere PDF
Jie Zhao, Hui Li 1681-1692
Interpretation of the coronal magnetic field configuration of the Sun PDF
Bo Li, Xing Li, Hui Yu 1693-1700
The impact of turbulence on electron heating and acceleration near the neutral point of externally driven reconnecting current sheets in solar flares PDF
Gui-Ping Wu, Hai-Sheng Ji, Zong-Jun Ning 1701-1713
New CCD photometry of asteroid (1028) Lydina PDF
Yi-Bo Wang, Xiao-Bin Wang 1714-1722

Print ISSN: 1674-4527

Online ISSN: 2397-6209